Top 6 Healthiest Citric Foods

Top 6 Healthiest Citric Foods

When you feel like you’re about to get sick, you might want to drink orange juice to keep any sickness away. Fighting a cold is a common reason people use citric foods, but they have even more benefits. You can also find a variety of all the popular citric foods at most grocery stores. No matter where you live like you’re searching for Toronto real estate, you can find them easily. 


Next time you go to the grocery store, pick up these top six healthiest citric foods. 


Oranges might be one of the fruits you buy most often, but are you aware of all the health benefits they have? Most people are already aware that oranges are high in vitamin C and helps promote a healthy immune system. The vitamin C found in oranges may even be able to prevent some cancers by fighting free radicals. They’re also extremely high in fiber, which can help lower your cholesterol. 


Like oranges, limes are also high in vitamin C to help you prevent getting sick. Limes can also be used to help get brighter and smoother skin. One famous health use of limes is that they were used to prevent scurvy in sailors. Most people wouldn’t want to eat a lime on its own, but it can be used as an additive, especially in plain water. 


Grapefruit is a great citric food to add to your healthy food arsenal. In addition to vitamin C, it’s also high in vitamin A, which can help fight inflammation. Grapefruit is also commonly used to help people lose weight. They have a high fiber content and are low in calories, so eating them before meals can give you great nutrients and make you feel full quickly. 


There are countless ways for you to add lemons into your diet. Lemons can also help improve skin and fight signs of sun damage. The citric acid in lemons may be able to help prevent kidney stones from forming. Drinking lemon water in the morning can improve digestion as well. If you don’t love how sour lemons are, try reaching for a Meyer lemon instead. 


Mandarins share many of their main health benefits with oranges. They contain high amounts of disease-fighting vitamin C, which can also help prevent cancer. The fiber in mandarins may also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Mandarin oil contains extra benefits for the skin, including support when healing wounds.  


One of the lesser-known citrus fruits, pomelos, may become more popular for their health benefits. Pomelo fruits are huge in comparison to other fruits, they can even weigh up to 20 pounds. Like other citrus foods, they boost your immune system, help with height loss, and can make your skin look healthier. 

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