Back to School Free Printables

Happy Monday Sweet Friends,

​With back to school in full swing here in California, I am constantly on the look out for ways to make learning fun and not a fight with my littles! Can I get an amen that homework time can we less than magical?!

Last year I experienced a shoe at my head, a tantrum like the world was ending, countless power struggles and sweet baby Jesus this year I am not doing it! Determined to help another mama out I went on a mission to bring you some fun activities to make homework fun and interactive again! (Especially if your homeschooling or doing a hybrid.)

Let’s kick off the week motivated and with a plan of action.

As mamas I feel so often we beat ourselves up and feel like failures. We feel less then. We wake up every morning with the intention of doing better then yesterday and sometimes we fall short. Psst…I’ve got a secret for you sweet mama. YOUR HUMAN. This means you will never be perfect, but dang it sister you are doing a kick ass job! A friend once told me “the fact that you even feel guilty at any point means you are a good mother because you care.” Simple words of wisdom right there.

This week I want to challenge you to be YOU instead of just mom, sister, wife, daughter. Be guilt free YOU. What does she like to do? What are her dreams? What are her goals? When was the last time you truly wrote that down and planned that out. I’m a firm believer that our children watch our every move, and personally I want them to see a woman who is motivated, driven, and will not stop at a “no”, If a door closes think of it as an opportunity with a wide swinging “Welcome” door right around the corner.

So cheers to Monday, cheers to new beginnings, cheers to freebies (because we all love that!)

Let’s have fun with double digit addition as we head into a new school year! Check out for more creative and engaging learning activities!

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