Top Tips & Tricks for Staying Organized

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You can organize your home in whatever way is right for you, what works for one person might not work for another but there are a few tips and guidelines which if you’re stuck are pretty basic and even if you need to tweak them a little bit you should still hopefully get a nice organized and tidy home which will save you time, money and stress. 

Make Things Easy For Yourself

Why make things hard for yourself? Don’t put your laundry basket in the back of the closet, otherwise what chance have your dirty clothes got of making it there? Forget lids, use open containers for toiletries, cooking supplies and even rubbish bins – well maybe just get a bin which only requires you to step on a pedal to open. You want as little effort as possible. This doesn’t make you lazy, just more efficient and organized. 

Make Labels

Labels are one of the best tools you can use when organizing your home. They are not only practical and helpful for finding what you need, but they also look really cool too. You can make your own labels and therefore make exactly what you want to, and they can look however you want and say whatever you want. Invest in a vinyl cutting machine which you can find out more about here:

Don’t Buy Storage Boxes Until You’ve Had A Good Clear Out

Many people will go out and buy storage boxes when they decide they want to get more organized, but this isn’t going to help at all. First of all, you need to look at everything you have and work out why you have so much stuff, rather than finding new places to keep it. Go through everything and be ruthless. Not only will this get rid of all the needless clutter you have in your home, but it will save you money on those storage boxes. 

Organize Your Drawers 

Don’t just throw things into drawers to get them out of the way; your drawers should be organized and have a purpose. Use container organizers and separate the drawers into defined areas for specific things rather than just throwing everything into one big space. In your bedroom, store everyday items such as underwear and socks in top drawers, in the bathroom, keep cotton balls and other daily use items on the side so that you can reach them, and then the things you don’t use every day can be under the cabinet. 

Keep Surfaces Clear

There are hotspots in your house, and you’ll know where they are, that attract clutter. It could be the dining room table where things just get dumped before you put them away, or perhaps it’s that chair in the corner of your room. This always ends up with things piling up and then never ends up getting clear. Try not to let it start in the first place, so if you do find yourself dumping things on surfaces, make sure you tidy them away each night. If you get into a routine of doing this, then you will probably stop dumping things in the first place.

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