Entertaining Children during school breaks

It’s just about back to school time, and even though you may be thoroughly exhausted from entertaining the children for the whole summer, it’s a good idea to have some sort of plan in place for the next school break sooner rather than later. Here are some ideas that will match any budget and keep the children entertained for a while at least. Why not add some of these to your list for the next break? 


Even though we’d love to think that children are going to be entirely happy being at home or in the garden the whole break, but that’s not always the case and having some outings planned will always be a good idea. One of the best days out according to many children is to visit arcades company in their local area. Bowling is never dull, and the winner is never someone you expect. Not only that there are usually plenty of arcade games, events, food, and parties to experience there, so it’s no wonder many children will choose this option above anything else! Bowling itself also takes coordination and strength so will help improve your child’s abilities too! 


Children love spending time in the kitchen with their parents learning how to cook when the cooking involves baking cookies and cakes. You can be sure to see the enthusiasm levels increase significantly. Why not show your children the recipes your grandparents showed you. Or take a look online to see which Youtube videos they can follow from their favourite Youtubers. The added bonus with this one is that once the fun and games have finished and you’ve tidied up the piles of flour, you have some sweet treats to indulge in! 


It’s proven that allowing a child’s imagination to flourish either with art or writing, then their brains will grow, and neuro-pathways will strengthen. Just as learning through play increases their confidence and abilities in many areas, so does art and storytelling. Don’t worry about the mess that will be made, and there’s no doubt about it giving children (especially toddlers) a paintbrush and paint will, of course, create a tiny bit of mess because what you’re doing for their mind and imagination is so important. Plus why not get involved yourself and create something pretty for your walls at home? The children will love seeing you getting involved and copying you too! You may even have to allow some slime making to really keep them entertained, but don’t worry, here’s a quick guide to cleaning slime off soft furnishings that may help!

Theme Parks

This one sounds a little obvious, and the children may want to go to the theme park their friends are all talking about, but if you are careful, you can really get some great offers on the admission fees with discount codes and vouchers. Theme parks can be once in a lifetime events for some families, and if you do have to save for a little while, why not get the children involved? Have them set up a savings account and earn some money towards the pot maybe. They will not only love the day out, but they will also feel a sense of pride in the fact that they saved their own spending money. What a great life lesson for them! Also, you can go back to feeling like a child yourself again on the rollercoasters and eating all the sugar you can get hold of! 

Sea Side

Depending on where you live, going to the seaside can really make for a great day out for anyone at any age. We all remember visiting a beach when we were small, eating ice cream and building sandcastles in the sun/, Of course, there will be the odd tantrum about sand getting in an eye or a seagull stealing some snacks from your youngest. But everyone will have a great time, and if you take your camera with you there may be some great memories to share in the future!  


If all else fails, you really can’t beat taking the children to a playground and letting them run off steam. It’s a great thing to do to be able to get them nice and tired before bed and stay in some sort of routine even though the break maybe a week or longer. There are some great national parks all around the world, and if you’re lucky enough to live near or within a short distance of a big open green space, then you will want to make the most of it. Why not take a notepad and turn it into a nature spotting exercise if your children are old enough to be interested. This option can be whatever you want it to be, bike rides, picnics and ball games are always great ideas, and this simple option doesn’t cost a penny more than the transport!

Remember that the breaks can make us feel unnecessary pressure to get out and about and end up spending money we don’t need to, remember that as long as the children have what they need and some things to keep themselves entertained you are doing a great job! 

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