Assisting your child with healthy bones and muscles for the future.

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You always want the best for your children and this begins with their growth. From the day they were born through to adulthood, we want to nurture them and promote exercise. All of this will determine the health of their bones and muscles. Newborns do not have control over their muscles, they first have to learn them from top to bottom. Next to develop are arms, shoulders, hands, then back, hips and legs.  Baby swimming or later crawling on uneven floors also have a positive effect on posture. It’s always important to encourage your baby to move and get a feel for their body. 

It is vital for you to encourage good posture in your children from a young age. If not, they can develop shoulder and neck issues in the future. Don’t have them carry heavy bags to school and always encourage the appropriate footwear. Children who develop wearing inappropriate shoes, or ill-fitting shoes, can cause problems with the feet and ultimately their lower body. That is why it is vital to have your child’s feet professionally measured each time you buy shoes. You should look at buying the best Shoes for Kids. This way, your children won’t develop foot pain and will have just enough space in the shoe for growth. Afterall, kids are growing at such a fast rate.  

Lack of exercise disrupts development

All these movements in early childhood simultaneously train the muscles, motor skills and strengthen the bones. Lack of exercise in childhood and adolescence, leads to postural damage and insufficient muscle growth. It can also contribute to unfitness and can harm bone health. That is why it is important to encourage your children to go out and play, or engage in sporting activities

The consequences of not exercising are: poor learning, posture, behavioural, perception and coordination disorders and more accidents or falls in kindergarten. Some children develop a lack of balance or low responsiveness which means that they are not as sure-footed as other kids. Afterall, kids often climb trees, have no fear and are more than comfortable running around. This is healthy and should always be encouraged, within reason.

According to the experts, children need at least two hours of exercise units a day for healthy physical development. This means proper exercise which is also classed as cardiovascular exercise. This is important to fight off childhood obesity, which is the leading cause of Type 2 diabetes in younger kids. In comparison, two to three times a week, adults need just under an hour of exercise to maintain their performance. You can encourage healthy bones and muscles as a family by eating well, going out for walks and generally being aware of issues. Children today are subject to many trials and tribulations and often don’t exercise as much as kids from other generations. We use cars much more. We play on electric bikes or scooters. They play video games instead of sports. So help your children to develop into healthy young adults.

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