3 ways to take care of your face.

Our faces are the windows to our soul. This is where we express our emotions, show our happiness, vent our anger from and portray an image expressing our personality. When we are feeling tired, we may get bags under our eyes. When we are feeling stressed, we may break out. And when we are embarrassed, we may turn a gentle red hue. Our skin, particularly on our face, is delicate and needs to be treated with great care. The days of a good old bar of soap are long gone. We now expect bespoke products to help firm up, exfoliate and purify our skin. Take a look at these three sure fire ways to help you to take care of your face.

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If you are an avid sun worshipper, or you simply spend a lot of time outdoors soaking up the rays, you need to protect your face from harmful UV. While you might be keen to develop an olive skinned tan, you don’t want the skin on your face to age prematurely, or leave you with wrinkles before your time. It’s vital that you apply a decent sun cream to help block the harmful UV rays from damaging your follicles. Go for a block or a cream with a SPF factor of at least 30. The higher the factor, the better. Ensure that you reapply over the course of the day and go for a cream with added moisturizer to ensure that your skin doesn’t dry out.

Get Specific

Is that dry skin on your face really just dry skin? Dermatologists all over the globe have been researching skin conditions for years. Those that flare up on our faces can be particularly difficult to live with as we cannot cover them up easily. Wearing makeup to hide a red patch of flaky skin can exacerbate the problem. Instead, head to the doctor. They may prescribe a rosacea treatment, a steroid cream or even an oral medication to help your skin condition clear up. Don’t assume that moisturizing and cleansing will help. They may soothe the issue, but this won’t lead to a cure.

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This doesn’t mean reaching for your favorite bottle of wine. Drinking plenty means hydrating your body with water. Eight glasses a day should be the bare minimum that you drink. This will help your skin to remain hydrated. You won’t be as blotchy or pale. Increasing your fluid intake will give you more energy and make you feel more alert. This means that your face will appear more vibrant and you will have fewer concerns about heading out of the door without makeup on.

If your face is getting you down because you lack confidence or self esteem, it might be time to work on the crux of this issue rather than putting a cream on your face. Talk to your friends, go seek counseling or take some time out to try and boost your self esteem. By all means use a cleansing regime, but don’t go for the expensive products with futuristic sounding skin technology. Simply cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize to achieve a fantastically smooth visage.

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