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Makeup can be applied in a number of ways to create the perfect, flawless finish for your face. Much depends on the look you are trying to achieve, and the types of makeup that you purchase from an online store. The key to the perfect look, however, is knowing that it is not just about the cosmetics, but also what you apply it with. When you buy makeup online, it often comes with its own applicators, and if you don’t like these there is always your fingers. But, are these really the best options for applying your discount purchases?

Why Buy Brushes For Makeup 

If you are looking to fill your makeup bag on a budget, it can be tempting to skip buying cosmetics brushes. However, this is a temptation you should avoid. Although many cheap makeup online products come with applicators, these are usually small, fiddly, and made of a thin foam. Many makeup artists and beauty experts seem to think that the best thing to do with these is throw them away. One of the reasons for this is that they are hard, if not impossible, to clean. They also make it more difficult, rather than easier, to create amazing looks and to blend colours, particularly when it comes to eyeshadows. One alternative is to apply your discount makeup with your fingers. When it comes to foundation, this is many people’s preferred option. However, doing this increases the risk of transferring bacteria from your hands to your face, and increasing the likelihood of skin breakouts and reactions to the make up you have purchased. It is also a very messy approach to applying your cheap cosmetics, which is going to make a flawless finish more difficult to achieve. When it comes to the more delicate areas such as the eyes, using your fingers to apply makeup is nearly impossible. To get a smooth finish around your eyes, you need to be able to get into the tricky corners and right down to your lash line. Doing this with your fingers means you are going to end up with more makeup in your eyes than on them.

Matching The Brush To The Makeup 

Now you know why you need to buy cosmetics brushes to apply your makeup purchases, the question is which brushes do you need? As with most aspects of makeup, a lot comes down to individual choice, but knowing what the different makeup brushes are designed for helps. The most recognisable cosmetics brush in your makeup bag is the foundation brush. It is the largest of the brushes, and usually has a long handle and flat foundation to help you blend your products and avoid streaks. Other larger brushes in your collection are for makeup powder products such as bronzer, pressed powder, and blush. These are usually very soft brushes whose size helps to avoid blotches on the skin. There are a number of smaller beauty brushes that are used for applying eyeshadow. These come in varying sizes, thicknesses, and shapes. The one you will want for your makeup will depend on whether you are applying one colour across the lid, or blending several colours. As a general rule, the larger the brush, the better it is for blending, while smaller cosmetics brushes are great for precision. In addition to these are the fan and angled brushes. These are used to create specific looks and to add the finishing touches to your eye makeup. They are the optional choice when it comes to cheap makeup brushes. There are, of course, also brushes that can be used to detail and blend the like of Dose of Colors lip gloss and lipstick. 

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