Nine snacks for healthier kids.

Any parents want their kids to be healthy, and to teach them good health habits for later life. Tempting kids to switch the treats for healthy snacks, and putting down the game controllers can be tricky. If you want to start getting them into good health, make sure you’ve found a good pediatrician and try these health hacks for healthier children. 

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  1. Do your kids fight you whenever they have to take medicine? Getting nasty taking medicine into a fussy, sick child can be a nightmare, but there are some tricks to help them get it down. For babies, you can use a dropper. For older kids, ask them to hold their nose to disguise nasty tastes. 

  2. Heat packs are great for aches and pains, colds, sniffles or just some comfort. Make a heat pack your can reuse. Use white rice for the filling, and let the kids choose soft fabric to make a parcel out of. Just microwave the pack to warm it up, and you can reuse it over and over. 

  3. Keep favourite stuffed animals clean and free of germs by washing them. Delicate, but washable, stuffed animals can go into a pillowcase and into the washing machine on a gentle cycle. This gets them clean and germ free without wearing out the fur.

  4. Teething is uncomfortable, and teething tots are pretty miserable to live with. Help little ones soothe painful gums, without buying expensive teething rings. A teaspoon that’s been in the freezer for an hour or two can be offered to suck on, which helps to numb the pain. 

  5. Keep a bucket ready for illness emergencies. Kids can have delicate stomachs, which means they’re often prone to vomiting. You don’t usually get much notice that this is going to happen, so be prepared for emergencies and save your carpets. Pack a bucket with wipes, towels and cleaning products, ready to go and ready for the clean-up. 

  6. Keep a well-stocked first aid kit at home, and a second one in the car for travel. Pack it with essentials for kids’ accidents, and make sure to check it often in case medicines or plasters go out of date or need restocking. 

  7. Start the day with a healthy breakfast to start the day the right way, and to fuel your kids up for learning and play. Encourage them to get involved with choosing and preparing the breakfast options, so they begin to learn about nutrition and healthy eating. 

  8. Turn the television off at meal times and instead sit around the table as a family. Sitting up properly helps your digest better, and without distractions, you’ll focus on your food. Focussing on the food helps you enjoy it more and not overeat. Eating as a family is a great way to spend some time together too. 

  9. Get active as a family. Use family time to do fun things like going on a bike ride, throwing a ball around in the garden or taking a walk. It’s great family time and teaches the kids to associate exercise with fun. 

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