3 simple changes to improve your skins health

As you get older, your skin starts to fade and the signs of aging begin to appear. It happens to all of us and it gets harder and harder to give your skin that natural glow. Instead, it will start to look dull and wrinkles will be more pronounced. But you don’t have to give up on having amazing skin just yet because there are some simple changes that will help to slow the signs of aging and improve your skin overnight. These are the best ways to get healthier looking skin every day. 

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Hydration Is Key 

A lot of people find that they have very dry, dull skin, especially during the winter when the weather is bad. Usually, that’s because they are not hydrating properly. Your skin needs to be properly hydrated, and there are a few ways to do that. Firstly, you need to hydrate your body by drinking enough water. You should be doing that already because it’s important for your overall health, but if you aren’t, at least do it for your skin. As well as drinking more water, you need to hydrate your skin using moisturizer, which a lot of people actually get wrong. It’s important that you get the right product for your skin, so if you have dry skin, you need to get a moisturiser that is designed for dry skin. If you have particularly greasy skin, you need to avoid oil based products that will make the skin greasier. Once you have the right product, you need to make sure that you apply it properly. After cleansing the skin, while it is still slightly wet, you should apply product to lock in the moisture. 

Try CBD Products 

If you suffer from acne breakouts or red blotchy skin, you should try CBD products. CBD is used to treat a lot of different health issues because it’s an anti-inflammatory, which makes it great for your skin. Companies like Enliven Essentials sell all sorts of CBD products like creams and oils which you can use to treat acne. The anti-inflammatory properties will help to reduce the appearance of spots on your skin and give you a more even skin tone. 

Reduce Your Stress Levels 

We all know that stress isn’t good but most people don’t realize just how badly it can affect our bodies. One of the side effects that you don’t hear about as often is the impact that it has on your skin. When you are stressed, your body produces higher levels of hormones like cortisol, which makes your skin oilier. That means that you are far more likely to have acne breakouts when stressed, and your skin will look greasy. It also decreases your body’s ability to fight off the bacteria that causes acne in the first place. That’s why it’s absolutely vital that you find ways to reduce your stress levels if you want clear skin. 

There are so many products out there that promise to improve your skin but these simple changes will have more impact than any of them. 

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