A small project can be a great side activity

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In life we have many duties to take care of. If you have a family and a job, then odds are your hours are filled with something you have to do. This can lead to real worry and stress over time, but of course, it can also be extremely satisfying and truly productive. That being said, in order to counter some of the ‘musts,’ it can be nice to have a small project on the side that you do for only yourself, allowing you time to destress and decompress.

While it shouldn’t be something you run away from life to experience, something in which you spend thirty minutes to half an hour each day maintaining can help upkeep your sanity and sense of balance. This isn’t to say that looking after your children is somehow some terrible work-like activity, but you’re only human, and parenting can be hard on anyone.

With our following advice, you’ll be sure to find a calming and productive side activity you can enjoy guilt-free, something that doesn’t feel indulgent but still gives you plenty to take comfort in:

A Small Garden

Crafting a small garden can not only help you feel much more nourished and restored, but it can give you something minor to focus on. It doesn’t matter if you struggle to grow flowers, what matters is how you enjoy this process. An indoor small garden using a grow light bulb may be the best means to get you started, and from there you might begin to curate hanging baskets or a range of other greenery that you find the most enticing. Many do not think themselves compatible with gardening, as if its an effort that carries little reward. But just being by yourself, playing some calming music, listening to the sounds outside and curating a little plant life can be incredibly refreshing, something that you will find out of your own volition.


Writing is an extremely expressive and completely restorative art, because it quite literally allows you to bring your thoughts out into the world, no matter how petty or unrefined they might be. Freehand writing can help you feel much more comfortable and confident, or typing in a journal can help you categorize and understand the daily impressions you have deal with. Better than this, it’s absolutely free. Typing in a word program on your laptop or a little paper and pen are both things you have access to right now, if not you would likely not have the means to read this post. So try it! Just for ten minutes. You’ll be amazed at the results.

A Little Art

Practice a little art. What do you have to lose? Paint, no matter how unskilled you are. Try to draw something in your environment, or attempt an abstract piece. When you’re not particularly thinking but still active, your subconscious kicks in, and you might be surprised just what kind of imagery you can come out with. Connecting to your creative side can be worthwhile to no small degree.

With this advice, you’re sure to launch your small project with care.

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