Being the best version of yourself.

There are so many benefits to be had when you tune into your mind and body more. You’ll know what is making you feel good, and what isn’t. You’ll realise the people who make you feel important and those that don’t. The small joys to be found in everyday things like hobbies and cooking. But it takes some time to get there. And it isn’t always easy. But it is essential. When we feel good, we communicate more clearly, we are firmer with what we do and don’t want. We make better decisions and are more positive about life in general. 

So here are some tips for being the best version of you. 

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Oh yes, we are going to start first thing in the morning. Millions of us hit the snooze button until we have the bare minimum time to get ready for the day ahead. And rather than getting more quality sleep, you’re giving yourself snippets of broken sleep – which is terrible for you. So rather than keep bashing the snooze button, think about how much time you really need to wake up in the morning. Is it the 15 minutes you give yourself, or would you do better by having an hour? 

Hustle And Hobby

Not everyone agrees with the word, but there is something delightful about having a little side hustle. There is no pressure for you to earn anything at all, but if you do that is a bonus. Hobbies are great for us, they improve happiness pretty spectacularly. However, when you can fully dive into it and make some money too – then it’s worth spending some time on. 

Of course, you don’t have to go into a new hobby with the goal of making money. You may just really wish that you knew how to play the piano. Whatever it is that sparks some joy for you, that isn’t a chore – consider adding it into your life as often as possible. 


Millions of us have bad habits, and you need to decide is it a habit you can keep doing. For some, it is smoking, others nail bitings – and many it is alcohol. You have to consider the impact on your health first and foremost, and how it makes you feel. Often, once you start to work out your triggers, you can begin to cut back on the habits that you just don’t feel serve you anymore. 

Mobile Phone

Ah, our mobile phones are so useful. Filled with a hundred things to do day or night. And that can be part of the problem. Instead of trying to get to sleep, we scroll through Twitter or Facebook. When we get up in the morning, instead of heading into the shower or soaking up some daylight, the scroll continues. If you take your phone to bed to listen to the Calm app or Headspace, then try to only ever use it for that. Likewise, if it is your alarm in the morning. Giving your brain space to switch off from technology is essential. 


There have been a few reports of people becoming more interested in having plants in their home and growing things from seed, and this is a great thing. Plants keep your air cleaner, they boost your mood, and if you work from home, they can keep you feeling productive and creative. Humans are designed to enjoy the great outdoors, water and woods. So bringing plants into your life and home just makes sense. 


Many of us suffer from chronic pain and illness, and sometimes it can get a bit too much. If you feel like you have exhausted many other options, it might be time to consider something like rehabilitation. Working with a team on you as a whole is a great idea. Often when we are in pain for a long time, we get isolated and lonely. 

If you feel under the weather, or like you’re not your usual peppy self it might be time for you to look into a range of supportive supplements too. They estimate most people have a deficit in vitamin C, D, B12 at least. So start looking into multivitamins that can be added into your morning routine. 

Get Outside

Even the busiest of people are going to need to make time to go out and not simply to run an errand. Walking every day has many mental benefits, and it is great for your body too. Taking time out of doing chores, cooking, work or sitting watching TV is really great for you. It is often the case that people head out for a walk to clear the cobwebs, but if you do it more often, you’ll have fewer cobwebs that need to be cleared. Even 5 minutes will make a world of difference to how you’re feeling – whether you believe it not. 

Be Grateful

Even when things are really bad, then chances are you have a little bit of money, some food in the cupboard and a roof over your head. Which is a lot to be thankful for. And the more you have, the more comfortable and well cared for you are, the more gratitude you should be showing. But it starts by considering what you are grateful for today. If you look around right now, what is it you are happy about? What is it you truly appreciate? Start writing it down somewhere, or simply think it to yourself. Do this everyday, and it will become one of the nicest habits you have. 

And finally, something that people don’t love doing until it is done is cleaning. Spent a few minutes a day clearing up. A mess can trigger an increase in our cortisol levels, the stress hormone. So keeping your space tidier will mean that your stress levels are lower. Magic. 

Being the best version of you, simply involved you taking care of yourself, the same way you take care of other people. Love, kindness, and doing things you enjoy. 

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