Fun ways to enjoy your garden this winter

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With winter on the way, you have possibly cleared your garden of summer furniture in readiness for the wet (and perhaps snowy) weather ahead. With shorter daylight hours, now is the time to spend more time indoors, even for those of us blessed with warmer climates.

But does this mean we should give up on our gardens altogether? Absolutely not, as there are all kinds of ways to have fun outside during the winter months.

Here are just a few ways to use your garden in the days and weeks ahead.

#1: Have a winter garden party

You might be planning on this already, of course, as the festive season is very nearly upon us. Still, why wait until Christmas? Get your garden party-ready by building a fire pit to keep your guests warm, and hang lanterns, dangle fairy lights, or enlist the aid of a professional landscape lighting company to brighten up your outdoor area. 

For food, you might want to warm your guests’ bellies with hot stews, chillis, and homemade soups. You might opt for steaming mugs of mulled wine when thinking about drinks, as well as lashings of hot chocolate piled high with marshmallows. And to prevent your guests from turning into Narnia-alike frozen statues, you might want to think of a few active games to play to bring the fun factor to your party. 

#2: Appreciate the beauty of nature

At this time of year, we spend so much time protecting our homes from the elements, that we forget to actually enjoy the natural world that exists outside. So, set up a seating area with a few blankets to keep you warm, and take the time to view life inside your garden. 

You might set up a bird station, for example, with a birdhouse and feeder to shelter and feed our winged friends. Should it snow, you might want to consider the magical beauty it provides when covering your garden and your perennials. And when it comes to plant life, you might want to bring added color to your garden with these winter flowers, as you will then have extra incentive to get outside this season for some green-fingered fun. Just don’t forget to wear your gloves if the air is nippy!

#3: Take a dip

When enjoying your garden, you could do as we suggested and ensconce yourself in your seating area with a blanket or two to keep you warm during the season’s coldest days. On the other hand, you could quickly warm yourself up with a soak in a hot tub. Armed with a glass of mulled wine or a cup of hot chocolate, you could then luxuriate for a couple of hours in your outdoor hot springs and enjoy your surroundings. And especially when the festive season is in full swing, this might also be your go-to place when you’re looking to escape the noisy festivities taking place inside your home. 

Those were just a few ideas, but let us know what you think. How will you be enjoying your garden this winter season? Let us know by replying to our post below.

Thanks for reading. 

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Think Of The Kids

If you have children then you may be wondering how they can enjoy the garden in winter time. If you live in a particularly cold environment then you may experience snow on more than one occasion per year. Children love snow so sometimes this can be enough to keep them entertained for hours on end. However, you will also want to give them stuff to do to occupy them and get them burning off some steam. You could install a swing set that can withstand both summer and winter temperatures. Make sure you do your research on this as you want it to be safe at all times. Take a look at Playmor swing sets for instance to get an idea of design and costings. 

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