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ExpressVPN teams up with HP in a bid to provide better cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is critical in this era. Today, almost everything has been digitized, from banking to paying utility bills. With so much data available online, hackers usually have a field day hacking into unsecured systems. However, cybersecurity awareness is growing in leaps and bounds.

Cybersecurity is the measures taken to safeguard against crimes that are connected to the internet. Cybersecurity mostly refers to the protection of unauthorized and illegal access to computer networks and systems and electronic data.

The projected growth of VPN use

VPN for digital security has become more prevalent in recent times. A revelation from a survey taken by GlobalWebIndex indicated that more people were using VPNs. The study showed that at least 30% of all internet users had, at some point in the recent past, using a VPN. The VPN market’s growth was approximated to grow by almost 50% to a probable $36 billion in 2022 from a figure of $23.6 billion in 2019.

 A Virtual private network (VPN) creates a secure channel between your device and the internet. The VPN masks your location and IP address, allowing you to browse anonymously. A VPN also allows you to unblock blocked websites. Most importantly, a VPN encrypts all your communication, locking out anyone keen on spying on you.

The Express VPN and HP team

In recognition of this need to protect data from hackers, ExpressVPN and HP have recently teamed up to bring security closer to their customers. The new Spectre x360 13 is a sleek laptop designed for speed and efficiency, while also providing digital security. HP clients will now get the Spectre x360 13 pre-installed with Express VPN protection. The VPN will have a month-long trial period within which the HP PC owners can access any of the Express VPN apps. ExpressVPN is extremely easy to use – just tap connect and browse securely. Unlike software of the last generation, there’s no need to worry about VPN configuration at all.

More technology brands are expected to join the bandwagon in providing PC owners with in-built VPN security. Other than the pre-installed VPN, the Spectre x360 13 has additional security features. These features include the HP Webcam Kill Switch that protects from webcam hacking and a fingerprint reader located on the keyboard deck.

Trusted server technology

ExpressVPN is passionate about keeping you and your data safe. The concept of TrustedServer technology is a far cry from the past. Today, unlike in the past where hard drives were used, VPN servers run on volatile memory (RAM), which does not store information like a hard drive. RAM runs on electrical power, and it is wiped clean as soon as it is powered off, minimizing the risk of data leakage.


Digital security is a grave issue that needs to be treated with the seriousness it deserves. Taking the issue lightly could lead to considerable losses. Hackers’ primary aims are information, and the more careless people are with it, the better for the hackers. 

A hacker can easily compromise your online identity and even wipe out your bank account. Prevention is better than cure, so the adage goes, and ExpressVPN teaming up with HP says a lot about the gravity of the situation. HP I committed to the provision of lasting and workable solutions to various industries. Is there any better way to provide a two in one security solution in the form of the new Spectre x360 13?





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