Moved for a new job? Helping your partner cope with transition

Life is made up of opportunities. Some are small and inconsequential. Others are potentially enlightening and informative… others are, quite literally life changing. As we each travel the path of our careers we may come across opportunities that are too good to pass up, like a promotion or a lateral move to your dream job. And when that opportunity knocks, you know that you’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t answer. Even if it necessitates a move to a new town, city, state or even country. But while this may be a no-brainer for singles, it can be much harder for those who are married or in long term relationships. 

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Your husband or wife may support you and agree to move with you. They might seem positive and enthusiastic as they pack your belongings and hire residential moving companies… but the move will be difficult for them as well as any children you may share. Especially if they have to give up a job they love to follow you. 

Here are some practical ways in which you can show your love and support and help them to better cope with the transition…

Get excited about your new home together

Happiness starts at home, and when it comes to helping your partner or spouse to get on board with the idea of a move, it’s a great place to start building anticipation. Focus on the cool features of your new home. Show them nearby amenities where they’ll be able to enjoy themselves with you and on their own. Help them to get an understanding of the “vibe” in the neighborhood and cool community events. 

Plan fun trips to take and find great looking restaurants where you can dine together. The more there is to look forward to, the less likely they are to stay focused on what they’re leaving behind. 

Listen and be patient 

Listening skills are essential in any successful relationship, and they will be imperative for you to help one another through this turbulent time. While your partner may be outwardly positive on the face of things, there may be moments when they’re unable to contain their emotions and the mask slips. It’s vital that they feel listened to, loved and valued. Otherwise, resentment may start to rear its head.

Make time for them

If you’re moving to take advantage of a new career opportunity, it’s likely that you may be short on free time, at least for the early days following your move. As such, it’s vital that when you do have free time, you make an effort to make it into quality time with your partner. 

Don’t rush them to take any old job

This move is a great opportunity for you… and it helps if your spouse can see it as a great opportunity for them too. As such, if your circumstances allow it, encourage your partner to treat the move as a sabbatical. Use it to help them focus on what they really want from a new job and their ongoing career.

Plan a reunion getaway

Finally, moving doesn’t mean that you need to sever all ties with your former home. Planning a getaway in the near future where you can visit all your old friends and revisit your old haunts can prevent them from getting too homesick. 

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