Happiness starts at home

Having a clean and happy home is essential for everyone’s mental health. If you are living in a mess, the mess transcends into the mind, and you become confused and begin to suffer. The onset of mental illness is slow, but there is no doubt that your living conditions are a factor to the negativity. That does not mean to say you should develop OCD and start labeling everything. It would be best if you had a happy medium, which you and your family are satisfied with, that is not oppressive and it light and normal. 

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Family life

Spending time with the family at home is essential. You need to fill the house with happy family memories or fun and laughter. Memories are like a picture you hang on the wall, and if you have a house full of them, you will not feel sad or lonely for long. Even if you have a busy schedule, ensure you have time together. Read the kids a bedtime story, play a game with them, having family meals around the table, and communicate. If you don’t have children, make happy memories with your partner, siblings, or friends. 

Clean your home

In order for you to feel as if you want to have friends and family over, without making them suffer some obtrusive smell or not being able to find a place to sit, you need to get busy on the housework. Well, you do if you want them to come back. First, ensure that the house is free from unnecessary clutter, get rid of all that rubbish, things you don’t need anymore, old newspapers, broken things, etc. Give the house a good dusting, polish, and vacuum clean. Use the best products like Miracle Mist Cleaners, which will make your bathroom shine. Never underestimate what the bathroom can say about you, arguably this is the most important room. Also, do not forget about smell. You want the home smelling fresh and inviting. Once you have cleaned your home, ensure you keep on top of it, as this is the easiest way to keep it clean. It could mean only ten minutes out of your life every day.  

Add your personality 

This is important as a cold, white house can make it feel as if it is a mental institution. Think about painting the walls and ceilings a color or colors to bring out a part of your personality. You can choose as many as you like, it’s your home after all. Sometimes it’s only a small change, and that will make you feel so much better. Perhaps, think about going to second-hand stores and picking up some strange and exotic items that would look great on your mantelpiece. Experiment with lots of patterns, the more, the merrier. Create a mishmash of things. If you are a creative person, you could see your home as a muse in itself. A home can be seen as a canvas to express yourself, so start small and build up. Eventually, you will create something unique and beautiful which makes you really feel at home, maybe for the first time,

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