Non tech ways to have fun with your family in the home

It seems like everything has become digitized in the modern world. Our friendships are lived online, we work online, and it’s our main source of entertainment, too. Studies have shown that families are spending less time together in the home than they used to, and the primary reason is believed to because of the infiltration of tech in the family sphere. If you lament this reality, then there’s good news: it’s not as if you need to be tied to your tech all day, every day. There are plenty of non-tech ways to enjoy each other’s company, too. We take a look at four such activities below. 

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Old School Fun

Sure, there are games that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet, but try as they might, they’ll never be able to compete with the pure joy of everyone sitting around the dining room table, partaking in a friendly board game. They might seem a little outdated in this day and age, but take our word for it, they are a lot of fun. There are always new and exciting board games getting released, so if you think that it’s just Monopoly and nothing more, then you’re wrong! Take a look at a few of the best family board games, and get a few for your home.

Getting Crafty

When the temperatures are chilly and you just want to stay indoors, why not look at having a day of arts and crafts fun? You’ll find that not only is it an enjoyable way to spend the day, but it also helps to develop your child’s creative side, and you never know, you might just end up with a creation that can have pride of place in the home. You’ll need to get a few supplies to get started, including paper in various colors, glitter, glue guns for arts and crafts, and other decorative pieces. Once you’ve assembled the supplies, get started, and see what happens.

In the Kitchen

There’s much to love about getting the family together in the kitchen and cooking up a storm. The benefits are endless, the drawbacks non-existent. During the process of cooking or baking together, you’ll be having fun, you’ll be teaching your children useful cooking skills, the house will smell amazing, and — most important of all — you’ll be able to enjoy eating your creations once you’re finished. 

Growing in the Garden

Most of the activities so far lend themselves to those days when the weather is less than pleasant, and you have to stay indoors. During spring and summer, when the weather is agreeable, you can put down the tech and get into the garden. It’s easier than you think to get a vegetable garden started, and you’ll find that your children love getting their hands in the dirt and getting messy. Like cooking, it’s also a useful skill. Plus, there’s something pretty special about working hard in the yard, and then, sometime later, using the ingredients that you’ve grown in a meal. 

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