Space saving for small bedrooms

If you are on the hunt for some storage ideas for small bedrooms, we have you covered. You might have moved home and discovered that your new bedroom is less than perfect when it comes to storage, or perhaps you find that you have outgrown your current bedroom, but have no plans to move. Whatever the case, we’re here to provide you with some excellent tips and tricks to save space in your bedroom which you can also apply to other areas in your home.


Get a storage bed

As beds take up most of the available space in small bedrooms it makes sense to transform the place you rest into somewhere that you can also keep things in.  Ottaman storage beds are an excellent way to save room, and you can store things like bedding inside- very practical to keep to hand when you’re changing your bedding. The base of a storage bed often contains drawers, with mattresses that may lift up or a bed that may fold away entirely. How do you know if a storage bed is the right option for you? You can find single beds with storage, double beds, and even king size beds with storage. However, if space is an issue, it’s better to get a smaller bed- even if it does come with additional storage space. While we are on the subject of beds, go for a minimal frame, as anything too bulky will take up far too much space and visually distract from the clean look you might want to go for. 

Built-in wardrobes

When it comes to your wardrobe, you don’t want to scrimp on quality. When space is an issue, it can be tempting to get rid of them entirely. However, you should never have to give up proper clothes storage. Built-in wardrobes are an excellent option for small bedrooms. And as well as looking great, they give you more floor space, especially if you go for one that has sliding doors. Take a look at wardrobes for an impressive range of options. 

Think minimal 

Get rid of unnecessary decoration and clutter from your room and opt for a minimalist vibe. Uncluttering the space you live is more than just a trend and can have a positive impact on your emotional health as well. We live with far more than we need, and sometimes the simple act of getting rid of some of the material things around us, can help clear our minds as well. 

Fold your clothes efficiently

Did you know that the way you fold your clothes can determine how much room you have left? There are different schools of thought (believe it or not) when it comes to the optimal way to fold your clothes. Some prefer to roll their clothes, rather than fold, as this way you can see more of your clothes. This is also great for when you travel, and you will be surprised by how much more you can pack in your suitcase. If you prefer to fold your clothes (perhaps because they crease less than if you rolled them) try the Marie Kondo technique. 

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