What makes you smile?


What makes you smile? 

With friends, family, your dog? Really what is the thing that makes you grin ear to ear?

 Our smiles are everything and it’s so important to keep them shiny and bright – your smile radiates so much confidence from within and has several health benefits! Yes! You heard me right smiling can be healing to the soul and here’s how…


  • It can remove aches and pain in your body by laughing. 
  • Lower your blood pressure.
  • Create a stronger immunity.
  • Improve your mood. You see, smiling releases a chemical called endorphins which is like a “happy juice’ if you will. By smiling you feel happier and more positive creating stronger and healthier relationships.
  • Stress relief.
  • Younger appearance. Who needs botox when you have a beautiful smile?


With kids sometimes the dentist is made out to be this “scary place” when in reality it should be fun and exciting to brighten those pearly whites… oh and to pick from the array of fluoride from bubble gum to chocolate! This is the highlight for my littles! 

 This is why I’m so in love with Smile Generation@smilegeneration their friendly staff, totally affordable services, user friendly site and super easy online access makes booking appointments simple and easy!

So head on over and give Smile Generation a peek I promise you will not be disappointed!

 So let’s share it today because it’s FRIYAY!


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