Looking after the exterior of our homes

Most people will have a regular plan of action in place when it comes to the interior of their home but fail to pay attention to the exterior. The exterior of your home is not only the bones of your house but also the first thing that people see. It’s often the first and last impression that any visitors or passers-by will get of your home. This means it’s important for you to also create a plan of action for the exterior too. 

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Let’s have a look at some of the things you should be looking at the look after the exterior of your home: 

Your Garden 

Your garden is one of the keys to creating extra space for your home, especially when it comes to the summer months. You are able to create extra living space that can be utilized and enjoyed in the warmer weather. You should think about creating a space where you can sit and enjoy your garden, host barbeques, and relax with your time off. There are plenty of options for creating this space such as adding a veranda, decking areas, a summer house, a gazebo or a slabbed area. You can then decorate it with colorful potted plants, statement garden furniture and delicate lighting for the evening. 

Your Building 

There are several different jobs that you should be completed to make sure your property is in the best condition it can be. You should make an effort to clear the gutter, look into roof cleaning, look after or update your windows and doors, repair and maintain any cracks, mold and, drafts. Some people have the need to paint the exterior of their home, if you need to do this you should consider looking at it every few years, having chipped, dry and dirty paint doesn’t give off the best impression. If you’re ever unsure about the work that needs to be carried out on your house, you should always seek professional help. Some simple tasks to think about include cleaning your windows, doors, and porch. 

Your Walkways And Driveways 

It’s a good idea to have a look at any walkways or driveways that you have. If these are damaged they can not only look messy but also can be dangerous. Having chipped pathways that stick to form the ground can be a trip hazard and having a driveway in the same condition could cause damage to your car. Think about repairing anything that needs it as soon as possible, you will usually find that these require the most work in the spring, this is because the colder weather and frost can cause damage that is hidden until you complete a general tidy up. Keep in mind that replacing this kind of area of the exterior of your home can be costly so maintaining it and repair any damage could save you money in the long run. 

These are just three areas, that you can look at to make sure you are looking after the exterior of your home. Do you have any others that you could share in the comments below? 

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