The Magical Three with Olivia Holgye – Episode 5

Take Away’s

This was such a treat to dive into the three main components of Life Fulfillment with Olivia.

We went deep into the physical relationship with food and nutrition, how to spiritually ground and our favorite methods, the importance of gratitude, and how to balance your emotional life.

This week our take away’s are a little more hands on – below you will find a video on how to create Energy Balls and also Olivias genius chart (The Wheel Of Life) to balance your emotions and really see where we need to do some work.

Click Here for full download of The Wheel of Life –

If you are feeling off balance or looking for some inspiration to just feel healthy and balanced this episode is a def listen and really breaks every step down to a science!

“As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in harmony with who you really are.”

– Abraham hicks

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