Raising Your Vibration with Danielle Massi – Episode 6

What you think about activates a vibration within you.

Abraham Hicks

Show Notes Episode 6

Today we have the honor of speaking with physiotherapist and shadow worker Danielle Massi who has built a half million dollar empire with her impressive work. You won’t want to miss this one I promise!

  • We cover the importance of grounding spiritually and going inward during unknown times. How to shut out the media and truly focus from within.
  • Enjoy a powerful manifestation guided meditation with journal prompting and guidance.
  • How the mind, body and soul is so important in balancing your business and tackling your ego to push through and truly operate at the vibration you were meant to be at.
  • Energy work and touching on past life experiences (We will def. be having Danielle back for more depth on this topic.)
  • Tips for changing habits and getting off the hamster wheel.

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