Understanding Your Enneagram with Expert Marilyn Vancil – Episode 11

In todays episode we touch on each enneagram (1-9) and hear about the strengths & distortions of each. In her book its worded beautifully as “The Tale of Two Selves.” We have the authentic self and the adapted self which is our protection from our childhoods, how we coped, what created who we are today. Marilyn discusses each type and what that personality may look like. A brief over view of the 9 types –

  • Type One: A reflection of God’s goodness & rightness.
  • Type Two: A reflection of God’s love & care.
  • Type Three: A reflection of God’s hope & radiance.
  • Type Four: A reflection of God’s creativity & depth.
  • Type Five: A reflection of God’s wisdom & truth.
  • Type Six: A reflection of God’s faithfulness & courage.
  • Type Seven: A reflection of God’s joy & abundance.
  • Type Eight: A reflection of God’s power & protection.
  • Type Nine: A reflection of God’s peace & oneness.

In her book Self to Lose – Self to Find she dives into understanding the human dilemma, exploring your personality type and how experience a path to freedom.

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To connect with Marilyn visit www.marilynvancil.com

“Our inner life matters because this is where true transformation takes place.”
From Self to Lose-Self to Find: Using the Enneagram to Uncover Your True, God-Gifted Self

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