3 Reasons Why You Need This Plant In Your Life.

There’s no point in denying it. We’re on the verge of a sustainability crisis. We’re slowly but surely waking up to the impact our consumer choices can have on the planet we all share. As such, we’re all thinking a little harder about how we deal with our waste. How many clothes we recycle, repurpose or donate rather than throwing away. How we can avoid buying single-use plastics and reduce our carbon footprints. How we can shop more ethically by buying more handmade artisanal products (or leading by example and creating our own businesses that do the same). And while cycling to work, upcycling our clothes and eschewing harsh chemical cleaning products for our own home made alternatives are all huge steps in the right direction, we can never live a truly sustainable life without plants. 

Image by CBD-Infos-com via Pixabay

Eating more plants and using plant-based medicines, supplements and cosmetics can reduce our reliance on animal agriculture and big pharma, helping us to lead healthier, more ethical and sustainable lives. And there’s one plant in particular that can be tremendously helpful in helping you to lead this life… the hemp plant! This misunderstood wonder plant was once used to make more clothes than cotton and even helped us defeat the axis powers in World War 2. Here are a few reasons why you need it in your life.

It’s super versatile

This protein-rich, fibrous plant is also loaded with healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. As such, the plant and its seeds have a variety of awesome uses inside and outside of food. It can be made to create milk alternatives, protein powders and cooking oils. It has a milk, nutty flavor and can be added to virtually anything. 

It’s also used to create a huge range of non-food items including clothes, shoes, rope, bioplastic packaging and all kinds of gorgeous cosmetics and beauty products.

It has awesome medicinal properties

You’ve almost certainly noticed how stores are filling up with all manner of CBD products. Just take a look at kayahempco.com and it’s clear to see how many health products can be made from this awesome plant. Almost all of the CBD products on the market today are made from hemp. This is because unlike the cannabis plant its contains mostly CBD and much lower concentrations of THC (the psychoactive compound associated with the effects of marijuana). CBD has been linked to a wide range of positive health outcomes from improved mental health to pain relief and healthy skin.  

It can help you to live a more sustainable life

Finally, hemp can be your best friend in living a life that’s sustainable and lowering the environmental impact of your diet, your beauty regimen and your lifestyle. Hemp is actually one of the most sustainable plants there is can can produce yields just four weeks after being planted, making it great for crop rotation. 

So, there you have it. Hemp is good for you, good for the planet and can even help us to combat world hunger. So start voting with your pocket book for a more sustainable future!

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