The Divine Motherhood Frequency with Megan Horowitz – Episode 13

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This is a MUST LISTEN episode – Megan is the sister you’ve been missing. The connection as a woman and mother you instantly get with her is so special.

Megan is the partner of Enlightenhood which is a tribe for women on a spiritual journey – this is a virtual group of connection, yoga, support, friendship, and true ENLIGHTENMENT! We learn all about the powerful divine frequency of motherhood and operating at your highest potential. We talk about removing the pressures and stigmas of motherhood to truly be free and feel enpowered as a woman.

Books to check out out –

Mary Magdalene Revealed

Women Who Run With The Wolves


The way our society is set up moms are not supported and we have lost the village in which we once had. A lot of women become moms and have no idea how to tap into that energy and feel lost – we begin to become sacraficial and lose site of ourselves and our wellbeing spiritually. We become depleted essentially.

The divine mother frequency is a power vibration which is released through motherhood. When we connect to this energy we can truly heal. Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually – we go deep into how to release and get to that point of releasing guilt & shame around Motherhood.

This episode is very focused on embodying that divine energy to become connected to ourselves again. – Head on over & hang out with Megan and I for a half hour – I promise you’ll walk away from this wanting a hug or maybe a high five!

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