How to help out a friend whenever they need your attention

There will be times in life that aren’t exactly the most fun or most exhilarating. Life is all about ups and downs – whether that’s a good thing or bad thing is up for discussion, of course. The balance that this life provides is one that allows us to enjoy the good times whenever they make their presence known. If you get through the bad, you get to enjoy the good so much more – it’s a lot more rewarding when you’ve put in effort and been through the hard yards. 

But what if we’re not just talking about our own lives here? What if we have to help out a friend as they go through tougher instances? Well, that can be just as tricky – if not even more. When someone you truly care about is going through all kinds of problems, that’s when you need to be considerate and careful with them. While it’s not exactly straightforward, it’s pretty simple to get them feeling better and to get them back on track. Here are some things you can do:

Don’t Talk Down To Them Or Patronize  

It’s very easy, when you’re in a good place in life, to talk down to someone or belittle their issues in some kind of way. Make sure you avoid this kind of behaviour. You might not mean to be that much of a burden, but it can take its toll on their mind. If you’re positive around them, then it can make things so much easier on them. Just let them talk and if you feel as though you might say the wrong thing, just don’t say it. 

Consider Professional Help

There will be people out there who know more about their issues than you. If you feel as though it goes beyond your expertise, then there’s nothing wrong with getting some professional help involved. Whether it’s the likes of AA or a sober living house or a small meeting with a psychologist, it would probably help. 

Keep Them Active And Away From Their Thoughts

If you allow them to keep their body and their mind occupied, then you’re doing a good thing. It’s easy for a person to stop for a moment and think about what they’re doing – it’s smart to stop that situation from occurring. Get them out of their home and enjoying themselves. Do what you can to stop them from spiralling into the cycle that got them into this predicament in the first place. 

Do NOT Abuse Their Trust  

Trust is one of the most valuable aspects of a relationship – regardless of how close the relationship is. If you cannot trust someone, then there’s no point in being around them at any point. When they share with you, be sure to keep it to yourself. This is so important because if you disobey this trust, it can destroy them and, of course, make things so much worse. Imagine being in their shoes and having something you said shared around a group of people – sometimes, with people you’ve never even met before. It would hurt, wouldn’t it?

Let's Give Them Something To Talk About