4 Ways That Your Home Could Be Impacting Your Life

Are you thinking about how to ensure that your home isn’t negatively impacting your health? There are lots of options to consider but these are the choices we recommend. 

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Stressed About Clutter

Stress is one of the most dangerous conditions that we can have as humans, and the reason for this is often because we don’t know how bad it is until we snap. Of course, you can tell that you are under stress, but you might not realize just how deeply it is impacting you until the time comes where your heart rate is so high that you are being rushed to the hospital. Or, when you haven’t slept in days and you’re not on the verge of a breakdown. If you are stressed about something, you need to make a change as soon as possible. For example, in your home, it could be that you hate clutter and there is so much of it.

If this is the case, then there are some simple solutions to get rid of it. One, start throwing things out that no longer serve any kind of purpose. Two, maximizing garage storage space and other storage areas across the home. Three, see if you can store some items in storage or at a relative’s house. 

The Wrong Colours And Shades 

Did you know that the color and shade of your walls can actually impact your mood? Well, it can and that’s why you’ve got to reconsider if you’ve got walls that are something like brown. The brain associates certain colors with particular emotions or feelings, so if you’re constantly staring at a bland, brown wall all the time, you’re more likely to feel tired and down. But, if you’ve got happy, vibrant yellow walls, your mood is more likely to be elevated.

Look into the different color representations and how your brain perceives them. Then, use this information to redo your interior design choices!

Low Air Quality 

You also need to make sure that you are thinking about the air quality in your property. A low level of air quality can cause issues with breathing and problems with general health. One of the ways to elevate the air quality in your home is to add some green. Introducing a few plants as part of your home design will guarantee that your property looks and feels fantastic. It will also ensure that your wellbeing is greatly improved. You should also consider how to boost airflow. This might just be a matter of ensuring that you have the right AC system set up and working on your property. 

Water Woes

Finally, you might not realize this but the water in your home can have a significantly nasty impact on your health. You probably think that the water coming from your tap is always going to be clean and beautiful. However, research shows that this could be far from the case. The reality, it seems is that water from taps can be filled with nasty, harmful chemicals that you’ll definitely want to avoid. This could include things like fluoride. Fluoride when consumed has been shown to have a negative impact on cognitive health, particularly for young children. 

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