Why does your house smell so bad?

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For some reason, your home absolutely stinks. This seems to happen almost instantly, with your house going from normal to smelly right away. Why has this happened? What’s the source of this horrible smell? Of course, you can have many different types of odors that plague your home and make it stink. Luckily, I’m here to help you find the source of your problems!

Poor ventilation

A lot of the time, your house smells because there’s a lack of ventilation in your rooms. Effectively, this means you don’t have clean air flowing inside, so everything feels very close and stuffy. It’s particularly noticeable in bedrooms where someone sleeps and gets really sweaty. This is easily remedied by opening your windows every single day. Even in the middle of winter, you need to open your windows to let fresh air in and bad air out. You’ll see an instant change as your house smells fresher and cleaner right away. 

Sewage problems

There’s no pretty way of phrasing this, but does your house smell like human waste? Does it smell like somebody has been to the toilet and not flushed it? You may also get little hints of sulfur here and there, and the smells are most prominent around your drains. If so, you probably have sewage problems that are causing a rancid smell. You may have a blockage somewhere, so you need to get some professional assistance. Companies like Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer will help you find the root of the issue, and deal with it accordingly. The good news is that sewage problems are usually quite easy to fix. You just need professional help to actually access the drains and find the problem. When fixed, the smell will go away within a few hours. 

Dead animals

Yes, the foul smell in your house might be a dead animal. It’s never nice to think about, but pests can always find their way into your home. Mice and rats may get in through external breaches, meaning they can die if they get trapped between your walls. Birds are also common pests as they can get into your roof and also become trapped. You’ll know if this is your problem because the smell is disgusting and gets stronger in certain areas. Plus, it gets worse after each passing day, and you may see some flies in an area of your home – or around the outside. The only way to get rid of the smell is by finding and disposing of the animal. A pest control service will help you do this, and they will also clean the area afterward. Again, once the source has been removed, your house will smell a lot better. 
You shouldn’t live in a home that continually smells bad as it can do you a lot of damage. Perhaps not on a physical level, but certainly mentally. You start to dread being at home, which causes a lot of stress. Plus, you’re too embarrassed to have people over because of the smell. Figure out what’s causing it, then remedy the situation.

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