Should you move homes?

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Our living space is vitally important to our health and wellbeing. Especially throughout 2020, when most of us have spent more time indoors than ever before, where we live and how we treat our space can make a huge difference to how we feel. If you’re not happy and can’t quite put your finger on why, then it might be time to ask yourself some key questions about your living environment. 

  1. Have you tried decorating?

There are lots of ways to revamp your home without either breaking the budget or completely replacing everything. But, if you’ve done some DIY and still aren’t feeling satisfied, then it might be the actual space rather than what’s in it.

  1. Are you constantly searching?

If you’ve visited Rightmove so often that it’s basically your homepage, then there’s a good chance you’re yearning to move on. Whether you’re looking at Meriton Apartments, cute little cottages, or big inner-city houses, if that’s what you’re spending most of your free time looking at, then it’s a key sign you’re ready to move on.

  1. Do you spend more time out than in at the moment?

Depending on your lockdown situation, this might be easier said than done. But, if you don’t want to spend time in your apartment and would prefer to eat, drink, see friends – basically everything – outside your four walls, then that shows you aren’t feeling comfortable there.

  1. Have you stopped tidying up?

A general feeling of dissatisfaction can often be seen when you stop looking after something. If you just feel like you really can’t be bothered with the washing-up – more than usual, anyway – and you don’t feel any compulsion to keep your apartment looking at its best, then perhaps you’ve stopped caring about it and need to be somewhere you feel more invested in.

  1. Do you have people over?

So going out might be off the table this year, but many regions are still allowing us to socialize inside. But are you finding yourself going to other people’s houses more often than not? Do you make excuses not to have people round? If so, that indicates you aren’t at all houseproud – so try and move somewhere you want to invite your loved ones into. 

If these questions resonate with you, and you just don’t like where you live, then take action! When you finally move and find somewhere that you love living, you will regret every moment you spent not looking for the right place

Just be careful you don’t make the same mistake again. It’s worth thinking carefully about your apartment right now, and what it is that you don’t like about it. Is there a lack of outside space? Is it really far from your work? Is it dark? Make a list of what it is that’s getting you down at the moment, so you don’t fall into the same trap again. Though there might be areas you need to compromise on, it’s definitely important to have some definite deal breakers when searching for your dream home.

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