Achieving stunning self build results 

Builders carry out a range of construction projects for the domestic client, businesses, and public authorities. But one factor all such building projects have in common is the need for quality. How quality is measured can differ from project to project, depending on the client’s goals.

There is no set definition. However, it’s generally agreed that quality is defined in terms of how well the finished product achieves its purpose, what its impact is within its setting, and how well it is built. For example, for roofing, there is a good site that displays high standards, and you can check it out to understand high roof build standards.

When instructing your builders, it is of the utmost importance that any briefing documentation you provide them with clearly defines the level of quality you expect at the end of the project. You need to note, though, that all projects are subject to time and cost constraints. Each factor can affect the end quality. If the budget is low but there is plenty of time to carry out the work, then quality need not suffer, for example. But if you impose an unrealistic deadline for completion and the funds are not there to compensate, then it is not likely that a high-quality standard of work can be achieved. It’s therefore critical to discuss your expectations with your builders at an early stage. 

They will be able to advise on what can be achieved in terms of quality within the cost and time constraints you are working to. This also gives you the opportunity to refine either your budget or your timescale for completion if either of these is likely to adversely affect the outcome of the project in terms of quality.

Groundwork For Self-Build Projects

Groundworks are being carried out every day on any typical construction project. It’s the essential first step in any new build and can set the tone for the entire remainder of the project. If you’re managing the building of your own home or extension on an existing one, it’s in your interest to get this phase right. What does it entail and can you do it yourself or is it better to employ professional builders? 

The groundwork phase is about preparing the ground – literally – for the construction phase. This means important aspects include preparing safe and sufficient access to the site. The parcel of land must be cleared of any previous structures, including any below the surface, such as old wells, mine shafts, and so on. The site must then be cleared of all the debris and there are strict and practical rules and regulations about how old materials must be disposed of. Some can be reused or recycled, for example; whereas hazardous waste must be removed and deposited safely.

The ground must then be leveled if necessary. Trenches must be dug for foundations and for utilities and services such as electricity, gas, water, and drainage. There is also a need to make sure that running water, WC facilities, hard standing storage, and waste management are available for builders working on the site during the construction phase. This is not to mention addressing all health and safety issues along the way, not only for those on site but also to protect neighbors and any passers-by for the duration of the project.

In our experience, there are so many factors to bear in mind, and the groundwork phase is so important to the future success of the project, that you could well benefit from hiring the experts where possible. What you may have to pay out financially, you’re likely to save yourself over the longer term – not least in terms of time and stress – by employing an experienced groundworks team.

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