Ridiculously simple ways to give your home a face lift

Picture this: you get home from a long day at work, walk up your driveway towards your home, and sigh. When you moved in, you had high hopes for what your property might look like. But now you’ve been there a few years; it feels disappointing. Things aren’t working out how you’d hoped. 

Don’t despair, though. It turns out that there are all kinds of ways to spruce your property from the outside and make it look stunning again. Here are some of the ways you can give it a quick facelift. 

Replace The Front Door

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Front doors have a habit of looking increasingly shabby over time. Daily use means that they pick up all manner of scuffs and scrapes, and eventually, they look a little worse for wear – nothing like new. 

Swapping your current front door out for a new one can make a massive difference to the appearance of your property. If you decide to go ahead with replacement, choose a brightly colored door that complements the rest of your exterior. Many of the most attractive homes in the world use bold tones, such as red, yellow, and orange. 

Update Your Driveway

Just like front doors, driveways can lose their luster over time. They start out looking bright and fresh. But slowly by surely, weathering and dirt take their toll, and they wind up becoming an eyesore. 

Adding new driveway paving to your property is both affordable and high impact. Most people feel surprised when they see just how much of a difference swapping out old stones for new ones makes. It’s a revelation. 

Add New Plants

Sometimes the masonry or the paintwork at the front of your property is adequate. The issue is the lack of foliage. 

You rarely see attractive properties without some greenery outside. Plants add character and beauty, transforming dull architecture into something genuinely special. 

If you think the front of your property is lacking, try installing pot plants and hanging baskets. They will soften the appearance of your home and make it look more welcoming. During the spring and summer – while flowers are in bloom – the impact will be even more dramatic. 

Add Exterior Lighting

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Have you ever noticed that cities look better when illuminated at night than they do in the daytime?l The reason for this comes from the fact that the darkness helps wash out all the blemishes and imperfections. All you see are city lights and the silhouettes of the buildings themselves. 

The same principle applies to your home. Adding exterior lighting showcases your property’s beautiful architecture while also helping to wash out many of the imperfections. Just arrange spotlights around the base of your home and time them to switch on when it gets dark. 

Hide Your Utilities

HVAC units are essential in many parts of the world, but they’re also notoriously ugly. The same goes for bin stores and outlets from the bathroom. 

Address this issue by erecting fences or adding facades that conceal the ugliness.

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