Simple ways to warm up your living space.

Warming up your living space is essential during the winter, and now than the cold weather is truly upon us it’s time to make the house cosy, warm, and welcoming for all. 

Winter is a wonderful time of year to be at home, and there are many small ways you can work towards warming up your house and keeping it that way for the season. 

Today we want to share some of the DIY jobs you can do to prepare your home for a cosy winter and keep that heat locked in. 

Insulate the walls 

The first simple thing you can do in the living room to keep heat in is insulate your walls. Wall insulation is a job which is easy to do and doesn’t take very long – and will provide a cushioned barrier between your walls and the brickwork that traps in hot air. Instead of spending a ton of money on your heating bill each day, save by insulating your walls. 

Buy triple glazing 

If your windows are in need of an overhaul it is a good idea to invest in triple glazing. Triple glazing has an extra layer of glass to protect against the outside elements and this means heat will be trapped in your room much more efficiently. Take the opportunity to install triple glazing now before winter really hits and you’ll be warm and cosy all season long in your living room. 

Fix cracks and holes 

It is important now and again to take stock of your living room and check for small cracks or holes in your walls. After hanging photos or natural subsidence, your walls can crack and chip – leaving gaps for cold air to get in and heat to escape. Avoid this issue by polyfilling small holes to make a big difference to your home overall. 

Refit your floor 

It is important now and again to invest in new flooring, and after years of having the same old boring laminate or carpet – it is time for a change. You can take a look at the best vinyl flooring deals or choose a brand new thick carpet for your living room – allowing your family to enjoy the feel of the warm floor under their feet. If you really want to invest in your comfort you could consider under floor heating for an elegant touch. 

Utilise and layer textures 

When trying to make your living look and feel warmer, you can utilise textures and layers of fabric. For example, adding a rug onto your carpet or a blanket to your sofa is a good way to increase comfort and design as well as encourage warm air to be held within the room. 

Use candles 

One simple way to make your living room feel warmer during winter is to light some candles. Tealights and large jars can be a festive design feature but will also bring some warmth and cosiness to your space. Enjoy the warm heat of candles and low lighting as you sit down to enjoy your favourite festive flicks this winter.

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