5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need Self-Care (And What to Try)

5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need Self-Care (And What to Try)

Taking time for yourself is crucial for maintaining your overall well-being. But when you’re an entrepreneur balancing work, home, and more, it can be challenging to carve out me-time. But the truth is, you need it. Here are some tips on how you can achieve better balance, treat yourself right, and achieve The Sweetest Little Life.

1. Relaxation Boosts Productivity

Less stress means more productivity when you clock into work (even if you’re doing it from your kitchen table), so relaxation is essential for entrepreneurs. Relaxation techniques like meditation or simple deep breathing can help you get through a crazy day (or week, or month) and re-center yourself in a healthy place. Learning to relax can also help lessen physical symptoms of stress and anxiety, notes the American Psychological Association.

Exercising is another way to encourage relaxation, especially if you’re the type who needs an endorphin rush to relax after work, notes Everyday Health. Whether you head to the gym or work out at home, physical fitness should be a cornerstone of your me-time because it’s both healthy and rewarding.

And finally, healing techniques like mindset coaching and reiki can help you ease pain and discomfort so that you can be totally “on” during your business and personal hours.

2. Outsourcing Frees Up Your Creativity

Instead of spending time doing mundane tasks, adapt outsourcing as a form of self-care. Hiring out services for your company can free up your time for the more creative side of your business. Plus, if you absolutely hate poring over financial records or wish you could escape the flood of emails in your inbox, you can hire someone to manage the hassle for you. That alone is worth the cost of hiring a freelancer for a few hours a week (or more).

3. Legit Business Moves Mean More Confidence

Caring for your business is a form of self-care, but this step gives you peace of mind and legal protection. Ensuring that you’ve followed the right rules when forming your business can help ease anxiety. By forming an LLC, for example, you’ll not only look more professional but also enjoy special tax advantages and reduced liability in terms of business obligations. Skip the lawyer fees and file solo or hire an agency to do it for you – but get on it ASAP.

4. Shorter Hours Means Better Work-Life Balance

Overworking yourself is the fastest path to burnout, so where does that leave your brand? Limiting your working hours is a tough yet necessary form of self-care. Be sure to set aside time in your day or week for things you enjoy. Spend time pursuing a hobby or just vegging out on the couch. Either way, taking time off for whatever non-business pursuit you choose will help refresh you for the Monday morning return to business, says Calendar.

5. Saving Time Means Saving Money

The less time you dedicate to tasks in your personal and professional life, the less money you’re wasting. Think about how much an hour of your time is worth, then measure that against the time you spend handling household chores or checking items off your grocery list.

Especially for busy parents, managing a household can feel like a part-time job (let’s be honest – it’s more like a full-time job with regular overtime). The good news is that outsourcing isn’t just for your business; you can just as easily hire a housekeeper, a dog walker, or even a part-time helper to mind the kids while you put in hours. Just don’t overdo it, and make the most of your free time with self-care in addition to getting organizational tasks taken care of.

Though “me time” may not sound like a necessity for successful entrepreneurship, many business owners find that it’s invaluable. By dedicating time to yourself outside of your company, you can revitalize your mind, body, and creativity. Need help easing tension and focusing on what matters? Subscribe to The Sweetest Little Life to get regular inspiration and updates on healing treatments to help get you back on the path toward good health and good business.

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