A covid aware approach to winter festivities

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It’s true that Covid-19 has completely upended our expectations for the year. This is such an apparent fact that even stating it has wasted your time. That said, there’s more to consider here, more nuance to understand, particularly as 2020 draws to a sullen close and we think about how to best manage our festive celebrations without being irresponsible.

It’s no doubt that 2020 Christmas isn’t going to be as good as past years. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the new restrictions, or that you can’t find some kind of normality in the chaos. Here we’re going to offer a range of tips and some worthwhile guidance geared at helping you enjoy this end of the year, and see in a new (better) year, all without skirting the most responsible behaviors we have been encouraged to follow.

Also keep in mind, as a small disclaimer, that you must ignore any advice here if it goes against the direct guidance of your local health authority. Follow official guidelines.

With the following advice, we hope you Covid-aware approach will still yield fruit:

Opening Up Your Home

If you’re hoping to bring people to your home, or are even just expecting one or two family members to return, it’s important to be under no illusions about what is required. They may need to self isolate in your household for a few days. It might be that you just need more space around one another to be safe. For that reason, placing some of your items in self storage units can help you open up your rooms over the winter. 

Have The Resources On Hand

It’s essential to have the resources you need to stay safe. You might, for instance, invest in a box of clean masks, hand gel, and dividers in your property to ensure that no matter how you celebrate, you have the right tools to cleanse and maintain your space. Items to invest in also include cleaning products, air filters and ventilation units, or perhaps wireless locks that prevent you from having to hold handles or turn a key. It’s up to you how far you go, but a little investment from time to time really can’t hurt in this regard.

Minimize The Intensity Of Celebration

It’s a good idea to strip back your celebrations this year, no matter what. You might decide to have more of a comfortable, relaxing meal than to follow strict traditions. You might eat with a family member over Zoom, or have a prolonged phone call rather than inviting them over. Perhaps you’ll cancel your regular traditional party this year. Maybe you’ll even decide to purchase digital gifts for everyone rather than sending them through the postal service. What matters is understanding the safety requirements you deem to be the most important, and moving on from there. Always follow the guidelines. Always be mindful of best practice. Then, this way, you can have a great time without running undue risks.

With this advice, we hope you can enjoy a Covid-aware approach to winter’s festivities.

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