4 proven ways to help your child expand their vocabulary

As soon as your child starts speaking, you need to make an effort to help them improve their vocabulary. If you can increase the number of new words that they learn from a young age, they will find it a lot easier to keep up at school and you can encourage them to start reading earlier, which is great for their development. These are some of the best ways to help your child improve their vocabulary. 

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Don’t Hold Back In Conversation 

A lot of parents make the mistake of using simplified language when speaking to their child. However, even though you do need to do this sometimes, it’s also a good idea to expose your child to as many new words as possible, so don’t be afraid to challenge them. Make conversation a priority and spend time naming objects with them. They soak up a lot of information when they are young, so even though they will not start learning the complex words right away, it still helps if they hear them early on. 

Read To Them 

Reading to your child is so important because it helps them to expand their vocabulary and improve their own reading skills. You should read to them from a very young age and sit them on your lap so they can follow along at the same time. Don’t be afraid to challenge them with more difficult books, either. Even if they cannot follow all of the words, it still encourages them to try new words and expand their vocabulary. 

Play Word Games 

Word games are a great way to make learning fun and help your child expand their vocabulary without making them do boring exercises that they won’t engage with. There are some great games, like 4 pics 1 word, which challenges you to work out which word connects the 4 pictures, and then spell it out using a series of letters at the bottom of the screen. It’s a brilliant way to improve cognitive thinking skills, spelling skills, and vocabulary at the same time. However, some of the levels can get quite tricky, so you may need to use a 4 pics 1 word answers site if you get stuck. This is just one example of the many great games that you can play to help your child learn more new words. Scrabble is another great family game that is also a good learning tool, and you can get a brilliant kids version. 

Make Sure They Get Enough Sleep 

Sleep is so important when children are learning. When they sleep, their brain stores all of the information that they take in and if they are not sleeping well, they are less likely to retain new words and expand their vocabulary. So, it’s vital that you get into a good sleep routine with them and make sure that they go to bed at the same time every night. This will improve their overall health and increase their capacity for learning. 

If you start following these simple steps when your child is very young, you can help them develop their vocabulary and improve their reading skills as they get older.

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