A guide to a garden filled with magic

If you want to create a garden filled with magic, it doesn’t have to be a fantasy any longer. Creating a garden that feels magical to you will ensure it’s a place you enjoy spending time, and somewhere you can enjoy with your family and friends. For your mental and physical health, spending time outside each day is crucial. Your garden can be somewhere you get fresh air, your daily dose of sunlight, and spend time getting back in touch with nature with your flowers, plants, and trees. Read on for some advice to create your very own garden filled with magic:

Pick Your Plants Carefully

Every garden should have beautiful plants, especially a garden filled with magic. Plants are amazing. They make us happier just by looking at them! It’s a good idea to aim for a variety of colorful, blooming plants along with green plants for contrast. To add texture and more contrast, vining plants and sweet peas can look lovely. 

Include Plenty of Color

Nothing screams ‘magic garden’ quite like stunning, vibrant colors all over the place. Don’t hold back! Bold colors like red and purple will look incredible, but pastel colors like pink can also work well. It all depends on your preferences; just know that plenty of color is key. 

Make It Smell Incredible

In order to make your garden smell incredible, you’re going to need an abundance of aromatic plants. Think plants like Wisteria, Gardenia, Lilac, and Freesia. These plants will add some unmistakeable, beautiful scents to your garden that can’t be beaten. You’ll love the scent wafting through and lingering in the air on beautiful days. 


Incorporate Appropriate Lighting

Lighting can make or break your magical garden. Incorporating the right lighting can ensure you create a truly ethereal space! It should be subtle – a string of white holiday lights often works really well. Of course, you may also need more functional lighting options. This will help you to keep your garden safe, and you can then utilize your holiday lights to create a cosier atmosphere when having a get together. Smart tip: if you have a pond, fountain, or another kind of water feature, place the lights strategically, so that they reflect and look even more magical. 

Invite Wildlife 

Inviting wildlife into your garden can make it magical 24/7. You can learn how to attract owls, for example – they are a fantastic bird to observe in the garden. You can also leave your grass a little longer to invite in hedgehogs, creepy crawlies, bees, and butterflies. This can be a great way to introduce children to wildlife! 

Having a tidy lawn can be nice, but that doesn’t necessarily give it a ‘magical’ feel. Inviting in all kinds of wildlife and welcoming it by leaving out (appropriate) food for them will bring your garden to life. 

Don’t Forget Sound 

You want your magical garden to excite all of the senses. This means you can’t forget about sound! Wind chimes are perfect for this. They’ll tinkle gently in the breeze and fill you full of wonder. Plants that make their own sound are even an option! Weeping trees and plants with seed pods rattle in the breeze. Fountains and bird baths can also add a calming, tranquil sound. 

Further Decor To Add 

This is your garden, so you need to fill it with things that inspire you and create a look you love. Many people like to decorate their garden in the same way they would their home, adding mirrors, painting fences/walls, and even adding murals. Fairies and gnome figurines aren’t essential, but if you love the look of them, they can help to make your magical garden even more special. Little fairy doors on tree stumps can add a whimsical element to your garden, and garden arches with winding roses and plants always look beautiful. 

What Should You Avoid?

Your garden needs to make you happy, so ultimately, if you love it then it doesn’t matter! However, just keep in mind that you don’t want to try too hard to create a magical vibe. The magic element comes from having lots of textures, colors, scents, and smells. Your garden doesn’t need to be perfectly tidy or professionally put together to look magical. Adding a few fairies and gnomes to a perfectly manicured lawn with barely any plants or flowers won’t have the impact you desire!

How are you going to create your garden filled with magic? Leave your advice below!

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