Episode 31 – Dear Luna Wilde

In today’s episode we chat with Leena Lemos who is the author of Dear Luna Wilde. A book full of letters about life, lessons, and a spiritual journey profound in motherhood. Leena opens up about the reason she wrote letters to her daughter and how this was a way for her to write at such a vulnerable spot from her heart.

We dive deep into the topic of all the gurus out there right now and how overwhelming that can feel on your journey. We fall deep into this comparison game which is so unhealthy for our mental state. The Power of Presence which is discussed at a deep level is a form of mindfulness and your journey is YOUR journey its personal, its custom tailored, its designed with lessons specificaly for you. Beautiful right? There are some serious magic moments about how to not care what others think and let go of the outside opinions.

We also talk about attachments and how to let go of the how in situations and trust that the universe has your back with the how of the outcome – you just need to get crystal clear of your what and why.

Some of my favorite quotes from the episode…

“The answer is the core of love.”

“Trust the unknown of the human experience. The knowing but the unknowing is the beauty of the human experience.”

“As mothers we are the keepers of the past, we have an ability to heal the generations before us, we have the ability to break trauma and generational curses, and we also get to heal the future by passing down to our children a new way.”

“It’s all about cultivating joy. There is a difference of presenting joy to the world vs. experiencing joy in the moment.”

  1. You already have all the answers that you need to know and you are your own guru.
  2. Be silly – be yourself, find joy and laughter in every situation. Once we take life and ourselves to seriously we have lost the silliness and the joy of life.
  3. Honor the seasons of your life. The good, the bad, the ugly. Its all for purpose.

If your interested in connecting with Leena directly – www.dearlunawilde.com IG: @LeenaLemos

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