Feng Shui Part Two

Welcome back I am so excited to dive into part two of our feng shui series. In the last article we spoke about elements and the basics of feng shui. Today we are going to talk all about furniture placement and amazing ways you can change elements in your home on a budget. I personally am a huge fan of epoxy floors who’s with me? It’s a quick and beautiful solution if you are dealing with cement a remodel or an office space. If you follow me on the gram you’ve seen our DIY projects of epoxy countertops in less than an hour. Amazing!  

A few ways that you can get going immediately on your feng shui –  

  1. Clear the clutter and make sure every item has a home. 
  1. make use of crystals and use them as decor throughout your house you will be amazed at the energy shifts you feel almost immediately. 
  1. Make sure light and air can flow through your home seamlessly. 
  1. Make sure your bed and desk are always facing towards the door. 
  1. Make sure in your living room space you can see the entryway you never want your back towards an entry. 
  1. Add natural elements get creative with this I personally love to use plants, pampas grass and Birchwood. Totally boho obsessed can you tell?  

I think one of the biggest questions I get when it comes to feng shui organization is “where is the wealth corner I want my office there.” 

 The wealth corner is actually located in the southwest corner of your home and is associated with the Earth element. If this does not work to put an office or a workspace there then I always suggest keeping your person that area or something that represents wealth to you. some amazing crystals to incorporate in our pyrite, citrine, adventurine and tiger’s eye. Another area of wealth is the kitchen so you want to avoid displaying sharp objects such as silverware or knives. Focus on food, love and the earthy elements.  

Now let’s talk about the living room. The heart and footprint of the home – the space you spend the most time. The best way to arrange your furniture is in a conversational setting meaning that the couches are not touching the walls and you are not side by side but yet in a position to have conversations and not have the TV be the centerpiece of the room. When furniture is moved away from the walls chi is able to flow peacefully and smoothly throughout the room. 

The bedroom is up next and in this space we want to make sure we have no electronics as it is a space for rest and rejuvenation. We also want to make sure that our bed has sturdy support and is not against an entry door wall or a bathroom wall.  

Once you arrange your home with a general structure for each room you can go into more detail of where you hang the TV according to the direction chart in the last blog or where your dinner table should be placed.  

As you arrange just remember you are creating a state of flow throughout your home. If something feels boxy or blocked off chances are you need to adjust a couple things. Think cozy but spacious that you feel safe, secure and can always see the entrance.  

In part 3 we will be discussing colors and details now that you have your furniture all set up. 

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