10 Ways to Declutter Your Mind.

When our space is cluttered it is a direct reflection with where our mental health is currently at. Look around you right now. Is it neat and tidy or are there things everywhere? When was the last time you did a good ol fashion Marie Kondo on your home? I am sharing with you my top ten methods to feel clear headed and ready to conquer anything that comes my way. Here are some ways to truly embody that inner goddess that you were destined to be. 
1. Marie Kondo that ish – Physically go through your house and declutter. If you havent used it in 3 months – donate it! A good way to go about this so you don’t feel overwhelmed is to pick one room at a time. Make sure everything in that room brings you joy or is a necessity. Create a home for every item in this space. If your feeling attached to an item which you no longer use, ask yourself why. My life memo is we can’t accept new manifestations and new things in our lives if there is no space for it. Go make that space. 

2. Brain Dump – We have so many things circulating in our minds at all times (especially if you’re a creator archetype) sometimes you just need a good ol fashion brain dump. Get that journal out and just let it flow. All the to do’s, all the things heavy on your heart, all the thoughts that are creating chaos – get it all out. Do not worry about it being organized, you can sort out a to do or inspiration list from it later. Just free flow, messy write and release all your holding on too judgement free. Take up space and be proud of it. I highly encourage you to write pen and paper, there is just something about the connection of physically seeing it leave your mind to the paper. Your brain scientifically feels safe seeing it visually and will release it. Doing a voice memo on your phone or in notes just does not have the same effect. 

3. Have a solid morning routine – A morning routine will change your life, I promise you this. Do not pick up your phone until these five things have been completed. I have all of my clients get up and first thing drink water. Our bodies are dehydrated and have not had water in eight hours so you’re starting off by immediately nourishing your body and showing yourself some self love. Next is to move your body for 10 minutes. There are so many ways to incorporate this but just do what feels good to you. A few of my favorites are stretching, spiral movement (releases feminine energy), a quick yoga flow or stretching. Meditation for ten minutes. Be still and see what downloads for you. After your meditation pick your top three intentions for the day. I usually pick something I have to do, something I want to do, and something that will put me one step closer to my BIG GOAL. The last thing before you can move and groove on with your day is to gratitude journal for ten minutes. This can include affirmations, free flow writing, a traditional “I’m thankful for..” list but it is setting up the emotion of gratitude to carry with you throughout your day. 

4. Get Outside – We need mother earth to ground and be centered. If you don’t have time for a hike or adventure then simply go lay your hands on the earth for five minutes. Remember the ground has always got you. There’s no where else to fall. You feel safe, secure, and at peace doing this simple practice. 

5. Be Present – Mindfulness is an amazing way to feel centered and eliminate overwhelm. “I can’t though it’s too hard to keep my mind quiet.” I’ve got you –  Light a candle and stare at the flame. Any time a thought about the past or future pops up just observe it. Imagine it just floating by. Do not get mad at yourself for having it, just notice the thought and then let it go. Keep your eye on the flame. Notice a smell around you. Feel the ground beneath you. What’s the surface like? Be in your body for that moment. Start small – 1 minute and then work your way up in time increments. 

6. Breathing – Our breath is POWERFUL. A few quick breathing techniques you can do to feel decluttered are balancing your right and left brain. Plug one nostril and breath in and out through your nose for ten breaths and then switch nostrils. This will also help in balancing your masculine and feminine energy. Another favorite is to take a breath in through your nose for 5 seconds, hold for 6 seconds and exhale through your mouth for 7 seconds. Do these as many times as you need until you feel a sense of calm. 

7. Distraction – Sometimes to declutter we need a distraction. Maybe you’re going through a break up? Dealing with something heavy? We can’t always be clear and focused and when we get in these states it’s a good idea to distract. Call a friend, see how they’re doing, take your dog for a walk, make a painting, tap into that inner child and play.

8. Dance – I have a standing desk so I can dance and shake it throughout the day. Our hips are where the majority of our trauma is stored so when we shake our body and dance we are clearing our energetic fields on a scientific level without even knowing it. Sometimes that clutter in our minds needs to be moved through our bodies and released or we just simply have stagnant energy that needs to move and flow. 

9. Data Declutter – I know it sounds silly but sometimes taking an hour and clearing your email inbox, sorting it in folders, and responding to all of the “I’ll get to it laters” will motivate you like no other. 

10. Unplug and Unwind – Our bodies need stillness. We are humans not machines. Sometimes all we need is a solid unplug. Put the phone in a different room and take some time doing something you love. Maybe it’s a book you’ve been meaning to read, a podcast you’ve been dying to tune into, whatever your jam is, make time for it. We come back to the task at 100% instead of the procrastination and dread which has been driving us with no breaks. 

Decluttering your mind all starts with one simple thing. A choice. You make the decision to do it and pick one thing a day to incorporate into your routine. Decide who you want to be and start showing up for her every single day. Most of all allow yourself grace. As cliche as it sounds life is a journey and we are here to learn lessons along the way. 

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