Easy ways to add value to your home.

Are you planning to sell your house any time soon? Most people who are in the position of listing their house for sale do some research before they go ahead to tell them how to make their house worth more money. Home improvements are a lot of money, so while you may feel conflicted that you’re spending money on a home only to move out, you need to consider how any renovations will earn you more money in a sale eventually.

Adding more value to your home can happen in many different ways, and the best thing about adding value is that if you choose to change your mind, you now have a house that’s gone through a facelift! From the bathroom remodel to the extension you add to the side of the house, there are plenty of ways that you can ensure that your home is looking amazing. Below, we’ve put together some of the best ways that you can add high value to your home, allowing it to sell for more money than you planned. An extension can add around $10,000 to the value right away, and that will be a win-win situation for you either way! With this in mind, we’ve got some easy ways you can add some value to your home before you list it for sale.

House Renovation

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  • Refresh The Walls. Whether you choose to add wallpaper or you grab a paintbrush and get started, you can give the whole house a more luxurious look simply by changing up the color on the walls. With one fresh coat of paint, or a fresh roll of wallpaper, you can transform the dullest room into a beautifully bold one. You don’t even have to change all of the walls to look bright and bold if you don’t want to: you can add a feature wall to make the house look fantastic and each room will stand out on its own.
  • Redo The Bathroom. The bathroom is often the last place that people consider redoing as it’s a small room. They tend to focus on the remodel in the kitchen or communal spaces first. If you want to make an impact, ripping out the bathroom and replacing it with a wet room will really help you out! You can add new fixtures and fittings, take out the bath and add a huge shower and tile the whole floor and wall space to make it look fantastic and sparkly! Your bathroom can add a lot of value to the home and it starts with the small areas (such as the faucets) and continues with the new clawfoot tub you install!
  • Extend A Bedroom. When you are adding a bedroom to the house, consider that you can upgrade the price because instead of advertising a three-bedroom, you are advertising four bedrooms instead. You can choose to convert a downstairs dining room or second lounge space into a bedroom guest suite, or you can add an entire extension to the side of the house and have a separate bedroom add-on.
  • Add Some Storage. One of the secret ways to add value to your house is to add storage! Converting the space under stairs to have new shelves and a door to conceal the things you’re putting in storage is a good way to ensure that you are able to offer great storage in your home advert. Many newly built homes are rubbish for storage, but the older houses have bigger basements, walk-in closets and under the stairs storage, too. Instead of having your stuff lying around everywhere, you can add storage that you’ll benefit from if you decide not to go with the home sale!
  • Upgrade Installed Appliances. Installing kitchen appliances is a good idea if you only have standalone appliances. When you install them into the units, you can add cupboard fronts to them and keep them hidden away. This will enable you to give the kitchen an easy upgrade and these can be eye-catching to anyone inspecting your home.
  • Add Sky Lights. If you have a one-storey home, consider skylights as much as possible to the rooms, and if you can budget for it, enlarge the windows in the kitchen and the rest of the home. Light adds space and it helps the home to look airy and brighter, which makes it much more attractive to buyers.

The more you upgrade areas of the home, the better the value and the higher the increase. Take the time to find ways to upgrade now and you’ll be able to add more value to the house you plan to sell.

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