Green Home Cleaning Tips

How can you keep your home looking and feeling good? Vinegar will polish the wood floor, the lemon slices will clean the dishwasher of unwanted residue and the onion will remove the rust from the knife. Why use toxic chemicals if the house can be easily cleaned with natural and inexpensive materials. 

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We all know how to take care of our homes; for example if the plumbing stuffs up a little or perhaps the AC breaks down, we know to call 24 Hour AC Repair, but how about the day to day jobs of cleaning and maintaining a functional home? What did our grandparents do before they invented the detergents and scented stain removers and how is it that their house has always been so clean? The answer is simple: they used natural materials that did the job. And to tell the truth, simple old-fashioned cleaning products are also cheaper, but also greener and free of toxic chemicals. Here are some effective cleaning tricks we have found on various sites on the net that will help you with your cleaning tasks and leave you satisfied.

Lemon juice and water in the oven

Here is how you can clean the oven. Take a bowl suitable for the oven and fill it with lemon juice and water (ratio of half to half), run the oven on high heat for 20 minutes. Then, wait for the oven to cool and move a cloth over the inner walls, the dirt will be removed very easily and also will dispel burnt or unpleasant odors.

Vinegar for glossy parquet

Polish the parquet floor.  Want a clean, shiny wooden floor? The delish website   claims that solid wood floors are strong and antique, and there is no fear of cleaning them with a wet rag. Fill a bucket with hot water and add half a cup of vinegar, transfer a damp rag to the wooden boards and restore them to the lost luster. The trick can be used on laminate floors, but the effect will be better on solid wood.

Carpet without stains

Remove the stains from the carpet easily! According to the daily green website you can pounce on large and stubborn stains that appear on the carpet with corn flour: Sprinkle generously on corn stained area, wait about 15 minutes and vacuum.

Lemon slices in the dishwasher create cleaner dishes!

Clean the dishwasher easily and thoroughly! To clean the dishwasher and make it shine the dishes efficiently (especially greasy dishes) and also leave them fragrant, offer this method on the wisebread website: Slice a lemon into quarters, remove the seeds and place it on the top trays together with the glasses. You will be amazed to discover the power of citric acid. It is a sustainable fruit that can work wonders around the house and to drink in a little water whilst you are doing the job too! Lemons are the heart of our home and we often forget this! 

Baking soda for a fragrant refrigerator

Fragrance in the refrigerator is a must especially if you cook leftovers and have plenty of smelly foods in there, such as cheeses and onions. So that the refrigerator does not absorb a variety of unwanted odors, it is recommended to leave a box of baking soda open in one of the corners of the refrigerator. The open box can be used for a period of about two months.

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