How to remain calm while moving homes.

How To Remain Calm When Moving Home

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Moving home can be quite a stressful experience and there is a lot of planning and organizing to achieve before you can settle into your new place. There are a few upgrades you can do to ensure that your property sells as soon as possible. But once you know that you have an offer put in and the property chain can start with proceedings, now is the time to get going. The best thing would be to write a list initially so you know what you need to do and work through.

A Helping Hand

It can be quite overwhelming when you attempt to do all your tasks at once and then wonder why you feel stressed. Also if you need extra help in wrapping, or packing items up, ask some family members or friends to help as well. You will soon realise that it will take longer than you think to sort through, organize and pack everything in your home. 

Hired Assistance 

It is a good idea to do a little research to ensure you find the correct moving company for your needs. Ideally a company that is relatively local to your current home so they do not need to travel far to get to you. It will also be useful if they provide necessary supplies and storage facilities. 

Store Your Items Away

Look for a nearby storage facility if your moving company does not provide one. This will allow you to store away boxes of items that you will not need on moving day. Ideally the less boxes you have to move the quicker it can be. You can always pop over to the storage facility when you like, but realistically on moving day you just want your furniture and basic items such as kitchenware, cleaning supplies, toiletries and clothes. 

Organize Childcare

If you have young children, it will probably be a good idea to get family members to look after them before and after moving day. It will be quite a long and tiring day when you do relocate, so they might become restless or bored and it will be less stressful for you knowing they are cared for. 

Cancel Any Direct Debits

On your to do list you will want to add, cancel any direct debits that relate to the home you are leaving, as you will not want to continue paying for bills that you will no longer need. 

Redirect Your Mail

You do not want to forget to alert the postal service that you will be changing addresses. This will ensure that any important mail will be redirected to your new home. You can choose how long to direct your mail for. 

Essential Items 

Keep a box or suitcase with essential items you will need when you arrive at the new home, like tea, coffee, sugar, cleaning supplies, loo roll, and toiletries, that you will need that evening when you arrive. 

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