Finding the right decor for your kids rooms

It is not easy to choose a bed to decorate the children’s bedroom. Today there are many models that can integrate into this space, from the simplest and most traditional to the most modern and compact. The available space you have and the budget involved will greatly determine one option or another. Each type of bed has its advantages over the rest and therefore it will boil down to what you feel is right for your child. You may want to consider looking at a children’s bed buying guide for further assistance. Also, you will find some tips here, because a little inspiration and advice can really go a long way.

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Single beds 

Let’s start at the beginning. The most traditional style is the single bed.  The single bed is a good place to start with any young child. Most of them are raised a few centimeters above the ground, so underneath, there is a storage space for toys and bedsheets. Kids’ beds can often be crafted into different styles – a car, a barbie’s carriage. The design can really add an atmosphere of fantasy into children’s rooms. Transition beds are also available for kids too. The low structure of these transition beds makes it easier for the child to get up and down from the bed. It also gives them greater freedom of movement, facilitating the transition from cradle to bed. 

Bunk beds!

What kid hasn’t dreamt of sleeping in a bunk bed before? Bunk beds are a favorite for many parents decorating a shared bedroom, for two, three or four siblings. Beyond their practicality, which focuses on utilizing every last inch of the room, they are also a space-saving idea. There are also features like security, which is necessary to pay attention to when making a purchase. They can also bring hours of endless fun for kids who can pretend it is a sailing ship or a spacecraft!  Today, bunk beds of many varieties can be found on the market. There are decorated bunk beds and even ones for only children that have desks or play spaces underneath. Whilst they are not preferable for younger children, they are still a fun element to consider as they grow up a little. 


Wallpaper can be a fun way to decorate kid’s walls that is different to standard paint and emulsions. Some are even washable or brushable, which allows children to have hours of endless fun doodling without damaging the walls. If you are renting accommodation and do not have the ability to decorate, modern wallpapers can actually be removable. You can glue and peel them off at your leisure, so the walls can evolve with your children. You can choose a style that resonates with their hobbies or something that is educational. They can also be interactive, if they have pictures of animals on or names, it can help them learn new words as well as enjoy the beautiful style. Decorating a child’s room can be a fun and exciting journey.

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