10 Ways to Live Your Light

What does it mean to live your light? It means that you are living in a way that is authentic to the best version of yourself. You’re not hiding parts of who you are, or letting people treat you less than what you deserve. You’re being honest and in alignment–You’re shining bright with all the beauty and power within. Living your light will not only make life easier, but more fulfilling and rewarding as well.
Here’s 10 ways to live your light.

  1. Be in the present moment – With spirituality all the woo can be exciting but it’s imperative we learn to ground and create our foundation before floating away. Find ways that are simple. Placing your hands on the earth, walking barefoot, tapping into your five sense, running your hands under cold water – tourmaline is also an amazing grounding stone, I sleep with some under my mattress by the foot of my bed.
  2. Practice self-love and acceptance – Self love is not getting your hair done and your nails did – it is so much deeper. In order for our cup to flow over we need to take time to nourish our bodies from the inside out. Yoga, nourishing foods, ayurveda massage, essential oils, gardening, take time to do things that make your soul happy.
  3. Find your passion and dedicate yourself to it – Find something you love and do it fiercely. Maybe it’s crafting, helping others, singing, playing the guitar, find something that you could do for hours and never get tired.
  4. Set realistic goals that are achievable, but challenging enough for you to grow as a person. – Every morning tap into your top three intentions that set you in alignment with your current goals. Start by tackling the one you are dreading the most and then accomplish the other two. You will be amazed at how fast goals can be obtained by this simple process.
  5. Read at least one book per month (especially books about spirituality)- I personally shoot for one book a week. I feel motivated, inspired, and I always seem to find exactly what I need for that phase in my life.
  6. Meditate for 10 minutes every morning or evening before bedtime (or both!) Eventually work your way up to more time, but start realistic.

Are you living in your light? It sounds like a pretty simple question, but it’s actually really complex. What does it mean to live in your light as an individual and how can you do that when we are all interconnected with one another? Living in our own light is about recognizing the transformational consciousness within each of us individually and then spreading this love for ourselves outward into society. Questioning assumptions and dancing beyond the limits of societal expectations seem like small acts on their own, but they have much more potential than many people realize because these actions require bravery which creates change from deep inside outwards. How are you healing your inner child today by connecting deeply with yourself first before trying to heal others? The whole world is in a state of change. And this shift, if you will, has been happening for over 500 years. What are we doing to help it along? Sometimes the only way forward is backwards and then sideways again as we question assumptions about how life should be lived. When did society get so serious all the time anyway? How can we make room for humor, spontaneity and playfulness without feeling like we’re going against everything that seems right or sensible? This blog post was written with these questions in mind and I hope they inspire you to ask some more of your own on your journey towards living out from your light no matter what happens.

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