Tips for choosing the right name for your child.

Tips For Choosing The Right Name For Your Child

What’s in a name? According to the legendary Shakespeare, a rose would smell as sweet. But is that always the case? Secondly, how does a name impact personality, future, or a person’s chi? Moreover, would you say Shakespeare’s notable quote is debatable? All these elements are what you should consider when choosing a name for your newborn

In the 1920s and 30s, 56% of African-American names (31% for females, 25% for males) followed trends, while whites followed generic names. It seems the trend is changing slightly due to other external influences. Therefore, before choosing a name for your child, please consider these tips.

Find something meaningful

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People tend to appreciate a name with impactful meaning as it gives the child a positive presence and confidence in the future. Some families opt for notable mythological characters because of the historical weight they carry. Others prefer to name their kids after famous places or events for the same reason. For example, names like Ares, Hera, Venus have held favorite positions for decades because of the Greek mythological influences and the power history claims these deities wielded.

A name like Olympia is favored because of its historical ties to the birthplace of the Olympic games. In essence, whatever you decide to name your child, ensure it is something meaningful and with a significant background.

Follow a family trend

If you look up your family tree right now, would you notice a recurrence of common names through the generations? For some households, this holds a lot of meaning when they opt to stick with a family trend. While some choose to go with trendy family names for fun, others honor their parents, grandparents, or other relatives who positively impacted their lives. However, some couples will instead opt for a trending family name as a middle name for their kids. The point here is to choose something that holds great significance to your family.

Honor your culture and your heritage

Indeed, your heritage and culture define your background and indicate where you’re coming from. Even though it’s not easy to choose a name for your child, you can streamline your choices by sticking with tradition and culture. Moreover, a name based on your culture makes it easy to identify your child’s heritage, no matter where they are.

For example, it’s easy to know that names like Javier and Marisol indicate a Spanish heritage. It’s also why you hear Arabic girl names and immediately determine the person’s ethnic background. The significant point about cultural names is that they always have easily verifiable meanings. While most have a religious significance, others express character traits and physical appeal. Therefore, feel free to choose a name that reflects your culture. 

Aligning with the stars

If you’re an astrology fan, you can go all out with names that align with the stars. Names like Gemini, Leo, Aries, and Virgo are quite common in households that choose astrology backgrounds. Fortunately, using the sun signs work out pretty well for families who find it difficult to choose names for their young ones. Usually, the belief is that astrological characters will impact the energies that arrive with the birth of a child.

Apart from narrowing down the options, it becomes an easily verifiable name when anyone seeks the meaning of your child’s name. As a tip, you should know that zodiac signs have genders. For instance, fire and air signs indicate the masculine gender, while water and earth signs represent the feminine. It helps to know the subtle differences, lest you choose a male name for your daughter and vice versa.

Religious significance

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It’s always appealing to hear a unique name, and quite often, such names draw attention without much effort. In the same vein, some believe a child’s name should have religious significance. The catch here is the uniqueness and allure of these sacred names. Some examples of religious names include Zillah, Abilene, Tamar, etc. However, always search for the meaning and what these characters did to find a unique religious name. The last thing you want is to name your child after a religious figure known for murder or stealing, making your child a target for bullies.

Indeed, names are significant and can impact a person’s life in many ways. Therefore, when it’s your turn to name your child, choose something that inspires positivity and doesn’t make your child the butt of jokes. Hopefully, these tips will aid you in selecting the perfect name for your unborn baby.

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