Four foods that are damaging your teeth.

Your diet – as you already know – has an impact on your body. What you eat is designed to fuel you, which is why you choose foods and recipes that taste great and are packed with nutrients. The problem with food (delicious as it is), is that some of it can stain your teeth. You want to be able to have the foods that you enjoy without dealing with stained teeth at the same time.

The good news is that you can avoid stained teeth. Not only can you get some help when you keep up with regular appointments at Station Park Dental, you can ensure that you know how to eat your favorite foods so that they don’t do any additional damage. Imagine life without your morning coffee or a cold orange on a hot day – actually, don’t imagine it, it’s too sad. So, let’s deep dive into four foods that are damaging your teeth.

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  1. Citrus fruits. Orange, lemons, grapefruits – they’re all great for your body and are packed with nutrients that you can benefit from. The issue is that they are also prone to staining teeth, and if you’re a fan of eating citrus foods, you can keep doing so but just moderate how much you eat. If you consume oranges every day, the chances of your teeth being stained is high. They can dissolve the enamel on the teeth, exposing the yellow dentin underneath. The good news is you can avoid it by simply making sure you wash away the acids with water after eating.
  2. Coffee. That morning latte is worth the stained teeth for some people but if you’re in a public role, you want to know you can smile with confidence. Coffee has tannins, which means that it’s very likely to stain. Whichever type of coffee you drink will put your teeth at risk, but if you don’t want to give it up, you don’t have to. Have your coffee before you brush your teeth and you’ll be able to give your teeth a decent clean afterwards!
  3. Candy. Whether you make your own or you enjoy it as a part of your daily diet, candy is delicious. There’s no two ways about it though, this sugar-packed treat can play havoc with your teeth. The amount of bacteria it brings into your mouth means that you are going to be dealing with stained teeth and the best defense is moderation. Don’t eat too much of it and you’ll be able to avoid tooth decay.
  4. Soda. A cold soda in the sunshine is a treat, but for some it’s a daily occurrence. Using a straw as you drink a soda can make all the difference as you bypass your teeth and still get that sweet hit you want. You could also switch to no sugar options so that you can continue to enjoy your drink. Carbonated drinks are a no-no with the dentist anyway, so being mindful helps!

Food is a pleasure, but let’s eat and drink sensibly!

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