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Ceiling to floor feng shui tips!

Let’s take a moment and bring it to the foundational structure of Feng Shui. Ceilings to floor.

Ceilings and floors are often mismatched in a house – weird if they were twinning right? There is a reason for this. How well your ceilings match with the flooring of all enclosed spaces, like living rooms or bedrooms determines what type it is: drywall (attached) ICF (in-cement foundation) wood framed walls filled with insulation batts; concrete block wall covered by stucco rendering exterior surface paintable

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There’s three basic rules to follow when reviewing how well these two surfaces fit together as one.

The top (ceiling needs to be bright) the bottom needs to be dark. A great way to spruce this up is with removing the popcorn ceilings – especially if you are having a deep wood or dark flooring.

From a Feng Shui perspective the most preferred ceiling heights are ones that range from 8 to 10 feet tall. Heights above 10 feet also have the potential to create a space that is yang/masculine in energy as the height is so vast. A darker finished ceiling of this height will help to give the illusion that the ceiling is lower and therefore goals attainable.

For best practice, make sure that your ceilings are in excellent condition. That all stains and leaks have been sealed with the most appropriate product to address them properly- a stained or leaking ceiling can offer an opportunity for deep healing if compromised integrity was present from water damage.

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