Gift Guide 2021

Tis the season for giving and it can be so tough finding meaningful gifts littles actually play and learn with! It’s no secret I am OBSESSED with Coco Village and all they have to offer but this year there are way to many releases and goodies to not share with other mamas. About a year ago I was very open about switching from traditional bright colors and plastic everything to more montessori minimilist style with my kids. I wanted them to be using their imaginations to create the colors, building things, climbing trees – it was so important to me as a mama to provide this for them. OKAY Let’s hop to my 2021 gift guide!

The balance boards and climbers have been a HUGE hit at our home! (Not to mention the super adorable boho design options)

My other montessori favs are the pretend play options of tool benches, kitchens, play stations, hair dressers – seriously the imagination list is a mile long and you can definitely find whats in alignment with your little ones passions! I’m all for feeding the passion!!! One of Tristans jams is the tuxedo tool bench (and its held STURDY since we first got it a few years ago!)

Next on our dream list from Coco village is the bed sets for Tristan and Audreys room – seriously the most unique designs I have found and we are all over here swooning!! This is the one we are swinging towards….What are your thoughts?

Okay now to the fun part~ Stocking stuffers and oh em gee are there some serious options (I love when you can get 90% of your shopping done at one spot!) Just makes life more simple and we all need simple after the past few years!

Timber Trucks (Tristan Fav)

Wooden stacking choo choo (Audrey Fav)

Wooden doll set (Audrey Fav)

Bear ballerina (Everyones Fav)

We’re officially FANS of Coco Village it’s safe to say!

Now the exciting part! Spend $150 until 12/3 and get a free pair of adorable Christmas jammies for FREE or use code Tristan10 to receive 10% off your entire purchase.

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