Why keep a health journal

Why Keep A Health Journal? 

Your health is so important that you should always do as much as possible to keep it in the best condition. Keeping a health journal can assist in this endeavor, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make the right choices when it comes to your health. It is even more useful if you have ongoing health issues, but even if you are only ill from time to time, a health journal can lead to answers. Here are some of the best reasons to keep a health journal and why you should start today. 

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Spot Patterns 

By writing down every symptom that you feel, even if it doesn’t actually lead to a full-blown illness, you will be able to spot patterns. You’ll know when you start to feel unwell and what those symptoms might be, and eventually, you’ll be able to predict when it might happen thanks to your health journal. This can show you that you are allergic to something, for example, if you are only experiencing these symptoms when you visit a certain place, do a specific action, or eat some types of food. 

This evidence can be vital when you go to see a medical professional. Allergies are notoriously difficult to diagnose accurately, so if you can give your doctor some solid proof that points them in the right direction, diagnosis can happen faster and more accurately, saving you time and money and ensuring that you get your treatment more quickly. 

Make Changes 

The more there is in your journal to look back on and read through, the more you will know about yourself and your body. It will be much easier to make the changes needed to make you healthier and fitter. You might realize that you need to do more exercise or that your diet should change for the better. You’ll know that you need to cut out smoking or that sitting at your desk all day without any form of exercise is bad for you. 

Remember, however, that no matter how much evidence you have in your health journal, you should always talk about significant changes with a professional. A doctor will help you as it might be better for you to start small and build up to something bigger. Doctors aren’t the only professionals to consult either; speak to gym instructors and dieticians too. A cosmetic dentist might also be able to help if the changes are to do with your teeth. The more people you can have around you to help you, the more likely the changes you make will stick. 

Stay Focused 

As mentioned above, sticking with something new that might not be comfortable is challenging. Changing your diet, for example, from eating lots of quick TV dinners that are not that healthy to eating food that takes longer to prepare but that is better for you is a big change, even if it might seem like a simple one. The same goes for adding half an hour of exercise into your day or quitting smoking. It’s easy to say and imagine but much harder to do. 

Your health journal can assist. It will show you how far you have come and remind you of the reasons for choosing to become healthier in the first place. You can easily forget what the point of this hard work is and fall back into old habits. By taking some time to read through your journal regularly and to ensure that you continue to write in it so that you can track your progress, you will be much more motivated and more likely to reach your goals and targets.

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