7 ways to raise the vibration in your office.

It’s no secret that staring at a computer for half the day or content creating can make you want to go cross eyed. While have a career to be creative is freaking awesome sauce it’s important you are aware of how to raise consciousness and energy within your work space and keep those creative juices flowing.

Find your style hunnayyyyy… It is so important your work space is a reflection of YOU. Maybe it’s boho, maybe it’s more modern, – either way find your jam and express yo’self!

  1. Diffuse some citrus (also activates sacral chakra which is your primary source for creativity) these tabs are my fav for wearing all day and receiving the benefits.
  2. Dance while you work – typing a big article? Take some breaks and shake it to your favorite song. Try a stand up desk –
  3. HYDRATE – when we are on the go for some reason, it’s far more simple to drink a ton of water – have a glass of water at your desk and remind your self to keep up the hydration while working on projects.
  4. Take time to ground through out the day – maybe its meditation or maybe just standing outside barefoot for a few minutes to connect with Mother Earth.
  5. Cleanse and brighten your space.
  6. Make sure there is room for energy to flow within your office and it is not cluttered. Marie Kondo that ish out!!!

Happy Energy Boosting –

With love and gratitude,

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