Why a pergola is such a great asset


Pergolas date back to about 2,500BC. They were very popular in ancient Greece because they were very cheap and simple to erect, but could provide shelter from the sun and the rain. They became one of the most popular structures in gardens around the world because they were not only this, but more. Cultures in the East put paper lanterns around them, hung them from the beams and put fire pits in the center to make them places of relaxation. It’s something that we recommend goes in your garden as well. Here are some easy ways to make it a part of your home, and style it in your own way.

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What you will require

Pergolas are essentially large beams of wood that fit together. So you’ll need some strong nuts and bolts that can carry the weight of a few hundred kilos. The beams can be pretty much any kind of wood you want, but we recommend a wood that is going to be hardy. Something like oak would be brilliant because it is not only affordable, strong but also, it can withstand many different finishes. Oil, varnish or paint, oak can absorb and hold onto them all. However you can also have softer woods such as ash, cedar and beech. You will also require some large flame-resistant sheets, either opaque or translucent. Think about getting some lamps and lanterns as well. Perhaps a firepit and some candle holders. A patio table and some chairs would also be nice. 

Creating an atmosphere

Think about what it must have been like in ancient Greece. Two friends, maybe philosophers, politicians or businessmen, talking together at night. The pergola’s sheets blowing in the wind, the flames in the lanterns flickering, the firepit keeping them both warm. Jugs of wine accompany them on the table, they sit on cushions and cover their legs with throws. They speak into the night. This kind of atmosphere is something you can have in your garden too. The pergola should have different kinds of sheets which protect you from the wind, but are not so heavy that they barely move. The lanterns should be sat atop their own platforms nailed and fitted into the beams. The firepit can be small but fed by coal so the fire burns hot and long. 

What is it used for?

In this day and age, everything has to have a practical edge for us to respect it enough, to put it into our daily lifestyles. The pergola is a great asset because it can be styled for summer and winter. It is able to give you privacy when you want some time alone, but also, be a hangout place with friends. Pergolas can also be used for having meals out in the garden. They can also be for gardening, as wrapping vines and flower chains around the beams is a highly popular move for garden lovers.

A pergola could act as your little retreat. A place to hangout with friends, or a place to have meaningful conversations with people you love.

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